House Painting Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Finish

Painting may seem like a chore but there are ways to make it easier. Here are some house painting tips and tricks you can start applying today.

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on house painting projects.

Are you getting ready to tackle a big interior painting project? Are you feeling exhausted at the mere idea of trying to repaint your house?

If you want to update the paint in your home but don’t want it to be a months-long project, you’ve come to the right place.

Listed below are some tips that will help you make the painting process much less of a chore.

Clean the Walls First

Clean the Walls First

It’s never a good idea to start painting your walls before you’ve cleaned them.

Painting over dirty walls will leave you with an uneven finish. Dirty or greasy walls will also hinder the painting from bonding and could lead to peeling or chipping later.

Give your walls a good cleaning with a rag or sponge and soapy water before you begin your painting project.

Maintain a “Wet Edge”

We’ve all seen those walls that are littered with lap marks and look like they’re striped. Those marks come from paint that dries partially before the next strip of paint goes up.

In order to avoid them, you need to maintain a “wet edge” while you paint. To do this, make sure that each stroke of your paint roller overlaps slightly with the previous stroke.

Mix Several Cans of Paint

Paint colors can vary from can to can.

To avoid slight disparities in the color on your walls, mix several cans of paint together in a large bucket before you get started. This way, all of the walls will have a consistent color.
Mix Several Cans of Paint
Do your best to estimate how much paint you’ll need to complete the project before you mix the paint.

That way, you won’t end up with a ton leftover (or have to worry about running out halfway through).

Paint the Trim First

It’s best to start by painting the trim in each room. Then, move on to the ceiling, and paint the walls last.

This will allow you to cover up any mistakes you make while painting the trim or the ceiling. It’ll also help you avoid accidentally getting paint from the trim or ceiling on the walls after you’ve finished them.

Know When to Call for Help

With a little preparation, you can likely handle most interior painting projects on your own.

Sometimes, though, it pays to pay a little extra to have a professional come help you out.

When you’re looking for a professional painting business, the contractors at DGI Painting recommend finding someone who offers a warranty on their services. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing their work will last for a long time.

Start Your House Painting Project Today

Start Your House Painting Project Today
Whether you’re looking to repaint a single room or tackle your entire house, the process of house painting is never easy.

If you keep these tips in mind, though, it’ll be less of a challenge to get the interior of your house looking the way you’ve always wanted it to look.

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