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Hotel Garden Ideas: Excellent Small Garden Ideas for Small Hotels

A hotel garden is where many guests love to unwind, relax, and enjoy. It’s also an ideal place where they can dine peacefully and be entertained with the different perks offered by the hotel. These are only among the reasons why it’s essential that you make your garden beautiful and functional.

When you have a small hotel, it means you also have limited space for your garden. Sometimes, this can be a challenge to make it ideal for the guests. To help you with this, here are some awesome ideas to make sure that you guests will love every space of your hotel garden.

1. Make Your Garden Safe for Everyone

The first thing you need to do when beautifying your garden is to make it safe for everyone. When doing this, you need to use garden power machines to make the work faster and successful. For example, you need to use a lawnmower to maintain the grass. This ensures that you’re not cutting too much and not affecting the growth and condition of the grass.

Another example is using a portable stump grinder to get rid of tree stumps that are trip hazards. Tree stumps may seem harmless but for people who have no idea that they are there, they might cause them to trip or fall, which is not good for your small hotel. Also, they invite pathogens and insects that will cause your plants to get sick. So, getting rid of them is a way better choice than ignoring them.

2. Place Planters Near the Windows

Place Planters Near the Windows

Use sleepers to create a simple trough that you can fit below the windows of your small hotel. It is a beautiful area to grow plants without the need of extra space. Moreover, your small hotel will look more relaxing from the outside.

3. Provide Low Walls That Functions as Seats

By combining increased beds that are enclosed by walls, your plants will be easier and simpler to maintain and you will provide additional spaces for guests to sit and appreciate your garden. You can add some cushions with colors that compliment your plants and flowers for added comfort.

4. Introduce Some Shelves

Adding some shelves will make your plants more organized. This is both pleasing to the eyes and makes them easy to care for. Use some baskets and other accessories to add more appeal. Another great thing about using shelves is it saves a lot of space.

Essentially, they must be mounted on bricks, as your yard fence might not be able to handle the weight. However, there are cheaper solutions, like railroad sleepers, that are reliable and can be bought in any hardware store.

5. Create a Living Wall

Back in the days, living green walls are only achieved by professionals and designers that are used in commercial spaces, such as large hotels, resorts, and malls. However, they are now gaining popularity in residential homes, condominiums, and small hotels.
Create a Living Wall
A living wall is also space-efficient while still adding beauty to the area. To make it, you’ll need plants that are rooted to a certain structure that adheres to a wall socket. You can use a variety of plants for your living wall. These include perennials, scented plants, small shrubs, seasonal flowers, and more.

6. Paint the Walls With White

When decorating the exteriors of your small hotel, you can compare it to how you decorate the interiors. In most small spaces, white paint is used to brighten the space and make it appear more spacious. The effect of white is also calming and comforting, which any hotel should be able to provide.

7. Create a Light Space With a Chalet Balcony

You can also create a light space through a chalet balcony. Select light wood to enhance the mood of the space. Incorporate the structure of your balcony with interesting characters such as trimmed evergreens placed in box planters.

8. Use Baskets When Planting in Your Garden

In your small hotel garden, you don’t need to add flower beds as they take up a significant amount of space. They also need more maintenance, which is crucial as failing to maintain them will ruin the overall look of your garden.
Use Baskets When Planting in Your Garden
For your garden floors, you can go with gravel, which requires minimum maintenance. Position a variety of pots that contain different plants and flowers that compliment each other. Add some garden furniture and you’ll have the perfect place to enjoy the days of summer. If you look for other material, visit wholesale planters for various choice of material, shape and size.

9. Use Fences to Add More Color

To add more color and appeal to your garden, make use of fences. Growing trellises and plants are a wonderful solution for your small hotel garden as they raise flowers with leaves up on the ground. When you have a colorful fence with different plants and flowers, guests will no longer notice the small space of the garden.

10. Complete Your Garden Look

Completing the garden means adding other elements that will best complement your small hotel. For example, using neutral colors for your walls and furniture to make your garden appear more spacious.

Another example is adding a small playground for children, if there is still enough space. Assess your entire small hotel and see what else you could add or remove from your garden to make it an ideal place for your guests to enjoy and relax.

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