Home Renovation: 7 Things You Need to Know and Do


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Home renovation is often extensive, time-consuming, and costly. Even if you have previously renovated your house, every home renovation project will be different from the last one. But in all instances, it is a fun activity for people who like challenges and living in an aesthetically beautiful and more practical house. Not to mention, it will add value to your home too. 

After all the challenges you face, a home renovation project pays off if done correctly. But how will you ensure nothing goes wrong during your project? 

It is common for house owners to start a home renovation project without thinking about what to do and where to start. If you are in the same situation, there is no need to stress out. This article will help you learn what you must know and do before you set foot on the meandering path of renovating your house.

Think about your temporary stay during the renovation

With so many labors swamping your house and with every corner, from the kitchen to laundry under renovation, living in the same house is impossible. So, when undertaking renovation of your whole house, you need to consider the place for your temporary stay. You can stay with your friends and family, but make sure you speak to them about the timeline for the renovation beforehand to avoid any inconvenience for them and yourself.  

Accommodation for the labor force and contractor

Buying material from other cities might be easier as you can just cargo it. But when it comes to workers and contractors, you have to consider their accommodation and food too. You cannot make them stay in a shed where they don’t feel comfortable and ultimately compromise your project. The best option is corporate housing in this regard. These are lodgings especially designed for employees and workers with convenient amenities and comfortable spaces. Ensure these lodgings are near your house, so they don’t waste time traveling to and from the renovation site. A professional contractor usually takes care of the accommodations, but you can suggest this option before finalizing the deal. 

Where will you get the contractor from?

Some people are so lavish and particular about their home renovation project that they don’t hesitate to take any measure to get the best material and labor force. Buying local material and hiring a local workforce is never on their mind as they always look for the finest in the category. 

Are you thinking the same? If so, research the best contractors and designers in different states. Contact a few, look for reviews of their previous customers, and compare their services and fees. Once you are sure, only go for the one with a good reputation that aligns with your budget estimation. 

Home Renovation

Funding for your project

One of the first things you must be sure of is the funding to renovate your house. You cannot start an extensive renovation project without making sure you have enough money to cover the cost of all the changes you intend to make. 

Often home renovation projects cost more than your estimation. Therefore, you cannot rely on one source only. You must consider sources such as your personal savings, help from friends and family, or a home renovation loan. The more extensive you are in your funding sources, the lesser the chance to halt your home renovation project midway. 

Spend time in the space before making major decisions 

Though it is obvious, spending time in and around the space included in your renovation plan is essential. There are some renovation decisions you cannot make until you spend time thinking about how one element pairs up with the other. For instance, if you are repainting your house, changing rugs on the floor, adding new interior doors, changing lights and fixtures, etc. you have to think about how they will look together added Internal Doors. Which shade of grey will you need to go with your favorite carpet, or how many lights and chandeliers do you need to get the desired glow in your living room? 

All these things are linked to each other. For example, you cannot buy rugs and carpets until your walls are painted. Similarly, once you have the carpet and the paint done, you might think that the light is not enough to illuminate the space and that you need to add more. 

Make realistic timelines

In most cases, renovation takes longer than expected. Therefore, if you want to finish the renovation until your daughter’s birthday or remodel your room before your anniversary, think again! Because it might not precisely go according to your plan. 

The best way to eliminate the stress of a renovation project caused due to timelines is by being flexible. Also, if you are replacing the old fixtures, check the availability of the updated ones in the market before removing them. Often it is easier to remove old fixtures such as the bathtub. But searching for a new bathtub you like can take weeks.  

Be ready for the unexpected

All homes hide secrets in the walls behind the bathroom fixture, attic, and basement. And you won’t know about these secrets until you start your renovation project. Often these secrets are not the most promising ones. For instance, you might discover water damage in the bathroom when changing the bathtub, water seeping through the walls in the basement when painting the walls, etc. Or when your contractor tells you that the floors in your house are uneven due to a shifted center joist when measuring for your new hardwood floors. You must address these issues before moving ahead with your actual plan. So, be ready to handle the unaccounted-for problems when undertaking a renovation. 


Home renovation looks extremely exciting when you think about the changes you will witness in your renovated house. For instance, how your washroom will look with the new vanity and bathtub set. But you cannot deny that it becomes stressful if you don’t plan things like budget, unexpected, temporary accommodation for the labor force and your family, etc. So, plan extensively and thoroughly consider what you need to know and do before you begin. 

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