Home Office Design Ideas



As working from home becomes more commonplace, more homeowners reportedly are setting up permanent home offices. If all we had to do was buy a desk, more people would have done so, but setting up a functional home office requires a little more thought. Here are some home office ideas to help you turn any available space into a productive center.

The location is crucial.

Many Realtors in Raleigh, NC, will tell you for free that a home office can boost your home’s value, but the location matters. There are many sizes and shapes for home offices. It can be in a separate room, a peaceful nook, or even in your kitchen. Considering where and when you work is essential to choosing the ideal location for your home office. If you’re a professional, select an area separate from your home’s regular activities and distractions.

Make enough room

Make sure you leave enough room for a comfortable workspace. Consider whether you can quickly get up, stand, and recline from your desk. While it might seem obvious, it’s common to underestimate how much room you need.

Allow enough natural light. 

An adequate lighting system is essential for any home office. Pick a spot with some natural light and a view. Set up your desk to face the windows or in a spot that won’t obstruct your computer screen. Blinds or translucent window treatments can block out glare without making your space appear smaller. You can also increase natural light by keeping the majority of your walls light in color and adding a mirror.

For general lighting, an above-ceiling light will work well. You may achieve the same effect by placing two open-top floor lamps in your room’s corners. Add a desk lamp to provide extra evening light and shadow-free task illumination. 

Incorporate some nature

Research indicates that having a workspace near nature can improve our well-being and happiness. Consider placing a bonsai tree or indoor herb garden on your desk; alternatively, pick a wall art featuring nature scenes.

Add some color

Softer blues help to relax the mind and facilitate focus, while stronger blues encourage clear thinking. Vibrant hues like orange and yellow promote energy and creativity, but too much can make people anxious. Gentle green is an excellent middle ground. Regarding color psychology, green symbolizes harmony and balance and is a transitional hue between cold, soothing, warm, and energizing moods. Though they may seem fashionable, darker colors are much less exciting, can increase fatigue, and decrease motivation to work.

Add some personal touches.

Finally, don’t compromise on decor! One of the best things about working from home is that you design and decorate your home office. Integrate your home office’s style and decor with your house. Consider your sources of inspiration. It might be an object collection, a cherished piece of art, or a vibrant paint hue. Include these unique touches as you plan your home office design. It will lift your spirits and give you a sense of belonging.

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