Home Maintenance Tips You Can Do on Your Own


Home Maintenance

Home maintenance doesn’t have to necessarily deal with repairs alone. There are some tasks that if performed regularly will prevent some things from breaking down. A good example is replacing the air filter in your air conditioning unit. A dirty filter will prevent air from circulating freely. The HVAC unit will have to work twice as hard to cool and heat the room. This will lead to premature wear and tear and you’re likely to notice an increase in energy bills as a result. As a homeowner, you’ll always be looking for ways to keep the costs down. Here are some handy maintenance tips that you could try out.

Replace Air Filters

As we’ve already mentioned, this is something that anyone can do. The HVAC system is one of the most expensive appliances in the home. That is why it is important that it is being regularly maintained to avoid expensive repairs and replacements. Changing the air filter will not even take 10 minutes of your time but you can be assured it will go a long way in ensuring the HVAC system is running at optimum efficiency.
Replace Air Filters

Inspect Garage Door

Garage doors will develop issues after some time because of wear and tear. It is important that you’re inspecting the garage door, especially when you start hearing some funny noises. Experts also recommend testing the garage door opener on a monthly basis. You want to make sure that it is reversing when it gets into contact with an obstruction just to confirm the safety. Check if there is debris on the rails that could be preventing the garage door from closing properly. In 1993, the government made it a requirement that all garage doors should have a fallback feature after several child deaths.

Inspect Roof and Clean the Gutters

You only need a good ladder in order to clean the gutters. If you live in an area with a lot of vegetation, the gutters will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent water damage when there is a storm. You also need to invest in a good pair of binoculars in order to inspect the roof.

Test Smoke Detectors

This is another simple maintenance task that can be done by anyone. Most modern smoke detectors have a “test” button. You have nothing to worry about when the alarm goes off. If nothing happens, there is a high chance that the issue could be the battery. You will need to replace them first before you can look at the other factors that could be causing the problem.

Home Exterior

The exterior of the home often gets neglected yet it plays a big role in the curb appeal. There shouldn’t be paddles outside your home 24 hours after it has rained. This could be a problem with the drainage which will need to be checked. Also, check if the paint is chipping or if there is any visible damage from the winter storms.

Getting the Heating System Ready for Winter

Getting the Heating System Ready for Winter
Winter nights can be brutal. You don’t want to have a broken HVAC unit in the middle of the night. You might want to check the air conditioning unit to make sure that it is ready for the change in weather. If you’re savvy enough, you might want to open up the unit for a physical examination. You might need different types of wrenches depending on the unit you have in place. Make sure you know what you’re doing as you could end up damaging the unit which will lead to costly repairs.

Inspect Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are notorious for letting air escape. This could lead to high energy bills. If there are spaces or cracks, there will be a need for weather-stripping which should be done by a professional. You can still do it on your own but won’t be able to achieve the desired outcome.

There is a lot you can do as a homeowner that doesn’t require a lot of know-how. It is better to take a proactive approach as you’re able to know when there is a potential problem in your home. There are thousands of DIY tutorials that you can use to your advantage. You don’t have to learn everything all at once. You just have to pick an area that you’re passionate about and learn as much as possible. Home maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive and it is important that you’re having fun in the process.

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