Home Exterior Upgrades You Can Do In 2018

Keeping on top of your home maintenance can seem like a thankless and never ending task. Fortunately there are some things you can do that will improve the look of your home and reduce these maintenance tasks.

Clad It

Clad It

Cladding your house is sometimes referred to as facade engineering. It doesn’t matter which name you use the result is the same.

Cladding comes in many different styles and materials, uPVC, wood and metal are the most common.

It is surprisingly easy to add to your home and will instantly transform the look of your house. The fact that it will also reduce your energy bills as it is a great insulator is simply a bonus!

Change Your Door

Change Your Door
A simple exterior upgrade that anyone can do is to change the front door for a new one. It may be possible to repaint your existing door to give it a new look and feel. But, upgrading the door is a great opportunity to transform the look of your home while improving the security you have in place.

Modern doors have much more sophisticated locking systems and you may even be able to connect them to your smart system!

Solar Panels

Solar Panels
These are becoming exceptionally popular. That shouldn’t actually be surprising. After the initial outlay to purchase the panels you’ll be able to enjoy electricity generated from the sun for free!

All you need to do is start with a few panels, preferably positioned facing south and create a new circuit in your home. If you are planning to connect to the grid you’ll need a professional to complete the connection.

Landscape The Garden

Landscape The Garden
A low cost way to transform the exterior of your home is to take a look at your garden and change the layout while tidying it up.

This can be as simple as adding mulch to flower beds and cutting the grass. However, you may prefer to consider what you actually use the garden for and redesign it accordingly.

Adding an outside eating an entertaining area is not just a good way to improve the look of your home. It is also incredibly practical and can make your home feel much more spacious.

You can also lift flower beds and even eliminate them to keep the maintenance to a minimum.


You may find that your windows look better with a good clean but the reality is that over time they lose their shine. Even the uPVC finish starts to look faded.

Replacing your windows is actually easy to do yourself but if you prefer you’ll find the professionals are not as expensive as you may think. You can always replace the front windows first and then deal with the back ones later.

New windows will do more than improve the look of your home; they will also improve the insulation and can reduce your energy bills!

With the right exterior upgrades, you won’t just be transforming your home; you’ll be saving yourself money in the long term!

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