Home Electrical Diagnostic and Troubleshooting by an Electrician

Tons of problems ensue by not having a professional electrician work on your home, or even just by people in the past who haven’t updated the system the way they should. In many cases, if you notice anything strange, or are just purchasing a new home, or even if you’re getting ready to sell, be sure to have home electrical diagnostic and troubleshooting by an electrician to make sure the electrical system is safe.

Common Mistakes People Make That Requires Electricians

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There are many problems that people make when it comes to their home electrical issues and problems they may face. Overlamping is one of them. That’s when you use a higher wattage light bulb in your light socket than the fixture was meant for. The Gforce electrical repair website says if a light fixture was meant for 40 or 60 watts, don’t use 100-watt light bulbs. This causes blowouts and other problems, as well as the other problems such as decreasing the life of the bulbs themselves.

If it’s not too hard on your circuit board of your home, it also is a fire hazard and can actually cause the light fixture itself to overheat and catch fire. Other causes are by installing fuses or breakers that are putting through too much power into the wiring system. Because of this, not only can you risk a humongous electrical hazard and risk electric shock, but you can also experience the risk of a dangerous house fire.

Other times, a person may have an uncovered junction box. Not only is this a code violation, but it is also a possible shock hazard. There is a minimal danger however if your wires aren’t in reach, but spending a little bit in order to get new covers isn’t that hard to do and can easily be done.

If your light flickers when it’s windy, this could be either from the power lines having a short in them outside the home, or even possibly a tree branch tapping it, or other debris. This is extremely dangerous though, because of the risk of the wiring arcing an electric current and though it’s not a house code violation, it can cause an electrical fire. This is normally the problem with your utility carrier, and must be addressed through them.

Are there Other Things to Consider?

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Anytime electricity is being worked on in the home, it’s imperative that you have your main circuit breaker inside your home, or even possibly the power switch out on your power box outside turned off.

The reason for this is that sometimes ghost power can still bleed through to other wiring inside your home. While some people believe that it’s simply safe to turn off the one “breaker” that is connected to your wiring in one room or outlets, the possibility of internal arcing in your wiring can still happen.


When you’re going to have your home wiring inspected, it’s important that you always have a licensed electrician at home. Most of the problems that you will face with unlicensed technicians you may end up being responsible form. Wal-Mart, one of the biggest retail chains in the world even recently had a lawsuit because some of the electricians working on their remodeling projects weren’t properly licensed, and they ended up having a fatal electrocution accident that Wal-Mart is liable to pay for.

Always make sure your electrician is a professionally licensed contractor and don’t ever hesitate to ask for his insurance proof.

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