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Home Care Tips That Will Save You Time, Money, and Stress

Home Care Tips That Will Save You Time, Money, and Stress

A lot of people are unaware of how much an unmaintained and cluttered home can drain your energy, time and money and create a lot of stress on top of it all. Knowing how valuable our homes are to us and what a retreat they become when well taken care of, it makes sense for even the busiest working people to get organized and keep the house clean and in order.
The key is not to work more but work smarter so you don’t add more stress but rather reduce it as much as possible. So, here are several tricks and tips to help you keep a clean home at a low cost.

Declutter and distribute

Clutter always means more stress and it only takes a short time of neglecting your cleaning for it to grow and take over your living space. Make an effort to declutter and get rid of things you aren’t using or are broken, either by tossing them away or donating them to a charity.

All that is left needs to be tucked away in storage and you’ll find that only then, cleaning runs smoothly. Train yourself to resist buying things you don’t really need, especially during holiday sales. Rather, make realistic goals – stick to your shopping lists, maintain your cleaning schedule and once you see progress, reward yourself for a job well done!


Check your HVAC system

Your HVAC system is designed to work hard all year long with minimal maintenance on your part but it’s exactly that minimum you need to do to prevent any major issues from arising. The most typical reason furnaces stop working are clogged air filters, so it makes sense to replace them as a preventive measure. All you need to do is check the air filter gauge – it measures the airflow and shows you exactly when it’s time to change the filter.

Next, the thermostat needs to be functioning properly so you would always come home to a chilled home in summer or a warm home in winter. If there’s a problem, before you call a technician, check the batteries as it’s often the reason why it isn’t working.

Installing a garbage disposal

Installing a new garbage disposal, or as it’s popularly called “InSinkErator” in Australia, is an ideal DIY project. You won’t need lots of tools, you’ll save a lot of cash and what is more, you’ll get an immense feeling of satisfaction solving the issue with help from the professional. However, one thing might not be mentioned in the instruction manual – the factory plug from the drain line that is connected to the dishwasher has to be removed or it won’t be able to drain.

If you’re a bit more ambitious than this and you’re planning complete plumbing works in your remodeled laundry room, then you better call an expert plumber from Sydney as such a pro will be well-equipped and experienced to tackle such a serious job.

Inspect your clothes dryer

If you’ve noticed that your dryer isn’t working properly and your clothes remain wet, don’t jump to the phone and call the repairman. The culprit just might be a lint-clogged vent and that is something you can fix yourself. Use a brush or a vacuum to clean out the lint and your dryer should be functioning well after that unless you’ve accidentally shut off the gas valve. This is something repair guys see all the time and the owners think the dryer is broken. They just reach in and turn it back on but you end up paying for the service.


A few hassle-free hacks

It’s always good to have a few more tricks up your sleeve to ensure there’s no stress when you take care of your home, whether it`s a family-owned country house or rented 2 bedroom apartment in Minneapolis. Typically, a lot of problems arise in the kitchen as it’s one of the rooms that is most used and one of the most frequent troubles is the clogged drain. If this happens all the time, dissolve a dishwasher tablet in your sink and flush it down the drain. It’s a great degreaser, odor eliminator and makes everything shinier.

For tiny but annoying scratch marks on your wood furniture, there’s a solution that doesn’t include buying a new one. What you can do instead rub over them with walnut halves and they will disappear. It will surely save a lot of money!

The stubborn stains in your toilet can be easily removed with cola. Pour a liter in the bowl, leave it overnight and simply brush it and rinse it away in the morning. Those calcified faucets in the bathroom will sparkle like brand new if you soak them in a bag filled with vinegar overnight.

The same vinegar sprayed in and on the trash bags will keep the critters away and leftover coffee grounds on top of your partially full garbage bin will get rid of the stench.

There’s a lot you can do to prevent having your home care become a gruesome chore. With these tips, you’ll be on top of things without having invested too much of your time, effort or money into home maintenance!

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