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Increasing Appeal and Value

Your home is your oasis from the outside world. All of the things – and most of the people – that matter most to you are under that roof. But sometimes even the most inviting abode requires some changes. Whether you notice that your siding is fading or you want to add a desirable feature for your enjoyment, you can achieve home improvement projects with a little planning and visualization. The following five ideas can help you to get started on making your dream home even dreamier.

1. Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

Making the outside of your home as inviting and fun as the inside can be an important change. Your options for entertaining guests increase, and you will give the children in your life a reason to spend more time outside instead of in front of a screen. One of the most popular choices is the installation of a swimming pool – which can also add value to your home’s appraisal. Beginning the process for these improvements is as simple as performing an online search using terms such as inground swimming pools in Pensacola to request a consultation. You can then choose the best model for you, plan for the most appropriate setup and even get financing ideas to see your project through.

If you enjoy throwing parties, you may also want to consider placing a fire pit and some comfortable but stylish furniture in your yard. There are several styles and sizes of each to choose from, and they will encourage your guests to relax and enjoy the outdoors with you. Best of all, you can use them even after the swimming season has passed, since both can offer shelter and warmth well into the cooler months. This gets you a great value and quality time for your money!

2. Plant a Garden

Flowers and greenery are natural uplifters, and can offer a soothing backdrop both inside and outside your home. If you like colorful blooms, place some hardy varieties near your front door, and around the edging of your property if possible. Planting privacy hedges or small trees can also offer a peaceful view, and can be relatively easy to care for. Indoors, try small ivy pots or succulents for lasting beauty with the added benefit of air cleansing properties. Placing a pot or two in each room will do the trick, and you can experiment with different types of plants and placement until you find what works best for you and your abilities.

3. Refreshing Color

Refreshing Color
One of the simplest home improvements that you can make requires just a few items – a paintbrush, a roller, a tarp and a gallon or two of high-quality paint. If you see a color that you think will be hard to find on the store, you can have a customized can or recreate an exotic shade with the latest color-matching technology. Plan your color scheme by taking a trip to the hardware or department store and picking up a few color cards and hold them or tape them up in the room you plan to paint, then go back and let a skilled associate mix it up for you and recommend potential accent colors for trim and the best brush for your surface type. If you are a commitment-phobe, try starting out with painting just one wall in the room. If you decide that the entire room won’t benefit from that particular hue, you can easily paint over it – or leave it for a trendy accent wall. Either way, you will be amazed at the difference a color change can make to the look and feel of a room. You can go for a warming, opening or soothing feel that works with your layout, and accessorize from there. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

4. Light It Up

Accent lighting is another home option that does not necessarily require handyman skills for great results. If your living room does not receive an adequate amount of natural light, you can place low-wattage lamps in each corner in your choice of light type – natural light bulbs will give a sunlight look, while soft white bulbs give a warm and cozy impression. You can also add a string of outdoor grade lights around your front door or porch for an inviting and brightening effect. Lights aren’t just for holidays!

5. Fantastic Flooring

Fantastic Flooring
Since flooring is something that takes a bit of a beating in the average home, its importance to your home’s overall appearance may be easy to overlook. It may be something that seems like a low priority, but having the right flooring in your home – especially in high traffic areas – can make an enormous difference. For example, light colors in smaller rooms can have an enlarging effect, earthy colors can cozy an otherwise neutral area and a low-maintenance hard material can save your wallet and your sanity.

Overall, the best advice for the home-improvement shy is to keep it simple. You don’t have to perform a major overhaul to update your home, and it is very possible to get it done on a budget. Plan it out, save up and then enjoy!

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