Home Air Conditioning System: 9 Warning Signs It Needs Repair


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HVAC systems are a must-have in many homes. They keep us warm during the cold winter nights and dispel the heat by providing a cool breeze during hot seasons.

However, like any other gadget, home air conditioning systems are not immune to malfunctions. They can break down at any time and without notice. 

Unfortunately, you may not notice your air conditioner is not functioning optimally until weeks later, when the damage is almost irreversible.

The good news is that we have some tips to help you know if you need to call an HVAC technician or not. Here are nine signs your air conditioner needs repair:

Poor Airflow

One of the first signs of a failing air conditioner is poor airflow. Blocked ductwork and clogged filters are among the main reasons for poor airflow. As much as it might be difficult to detect changes in airflow, you’ll know something is wrong if you need to increase the fan’s speed more often than usual. Cleaning the clogged filters might do the trick, but you may have to call a pro to replace them at some point. 

Higher Energy Bills

A one-time increase in utility bills might not be a cause of alarm. However, if your energy costs shoot up higher than usual, consider checking your air conditioner. The outrageous energy bills result from your HVAC system working harder than usual to meet your cooling or heating needs. Repairing your air conditioning system will restore normal functions and lower your energy costs.

Smoke or Unusual Emissions

Air conditioners do not emit smoke or any visible emissions. Unpleasant smells and unusual odors could also be a sign that your air conditioner is failing. HVAC systems rarely emit smells unless they have not been operational for long. If you notice smoke or any other emission coming out of your conditioner, it’s time to call a repair technician from airxtremellc.com to check it out and service it accordingly.

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Temperature Discrepancies

Apart from poor airflow, temperature discrepancies are another sign of something wrong with your air conditioning system. The AC should stick to a steady temperature once you set the thermostat. However, if you notice varying temperatures even after setting the conditioner, you should have a pro check your thermostat or compressor. In most cases, the AC technician may have to replace the thermostat to guarantee optimum performance.

Excess Humidity

The work of an air conditioner is to regulate the amount of humidity in your home. If the AC malfunctions, your home will have excess moisture, and you’ll start noticing the presence of mold or mildew on your walls, curtains, furniture, and windows. Exposure to mold and mildew can be dangerous to your health. To protect your health and prevent further damage to your property, consider calling an AC professional to repair the unit.

Weird Sounds

Unless you are using an old air conditioner, modern HVAC systems rarely produce noise. They are super-quiet, and you’ll never know they are running. If you start hearing sounds coming out of the unit when you turn it on or off, that’s a clear sign you need to call in the professionals. The sounds may emanate from a loose screw, but the fan blades may need thorough checking in most cases.

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Some AC systems may drip a small amount of water due to condensation. However, if you notice the small drips have turned into puddles of water around the air conditioner, it’s time to take immediate action. The AC could be emitting refrigerant liquid, which is dangerous to humans and animals. An HVAC system expert can help establish if this is the case before recommending the appropriate solution.

Short Cycling

If your air conditioner is switching itself on and off without warning, that’s a clear sign it is about to fail. Short cycling in an air conditioner usually occurs due to frozen evaporator coils, dirty filters, or mechanical faults. The AC expert will assess your system before determining the exact cause of the failure.

Frequent Breakdowns

If your air conditioning system is frequently breaking down and constantly needs repair, you may need to call an AC expert for a comprehensive diagnosis. The technician may repair and restore the system to optimum functionality or recommend replacing it with a new and modern air conditioner. A new AC might seem expensive but is more cost-effective in the long run.

Professional Air Conditioner Repair

A fully operational home air conditioning system can come in handy, keeping you and your household warm or cool throughout the year. For this reason, it is essential to maintain your air conditioner regularly. In case of any malfunctions, do not hesitate to call for professional air conditioning repair in Pickering. Professional companies in the area like Rodman Heating have expert HVAC professionals that are ready to repair and restore your air conditioner to full functionality.     

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