Hit Trends in the Furniture Market That Are Here to Stay

Interest in home decor has, in recent years, lit a creative fire in the furniture industry. Each season brings in new stylish and innovative designs that fulfill furniture desires you didn’t even know you had. If you have not been to a furniture store lately, you are missing out on a lot.

The challenge, however, with so many trends to pick from, is the matter of choice. Are any of these trends worth investing in? It would be a shame to be stuck with a fleeting design that offers no real value to your home experience. 

Lucky for you, here is a list of hit trends that you can confidently splurge on with no fear of regret.

Mixed Materials

The concept of mixed materials has its roots in art where artists use it to create texture and a dramatic effect. It is used in pretty much the same way in the furniture industry. As opposed to having a fully wooden table, for example, a chrome base can be used to break the monotony.

The use of mixed materials also comes in handy in enhancing furniture durability. Wood furniture supported by a metal frame, for instance, may create more stability and less wear and tear over time. 

Whereas this concept is not new, it is now being applied more adventurously. You may find wicker married to wood or rope complemented by metal to make interesting furniture pieces. If you enjoy nuanced furniture that adds some character to your decor, this trend is for you.

Eco-friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture manufacturers can be grouped into 2 categories. The first is furniture brands that use environmentally ethical production methods. The other comprises manufacturers that use recycled materials. Both are important concepts if you care for the environment and a great way to contribute to the cause.

Ethical Furniture Production

Ethical furniture production focuses on using materials from renewable sources and production processes that do not degrade the environment. Renewable materials can include wood from plantation forests or recycled plastic and metal. The energy sources used for production are also green alternatives with concerted effort being put into reducing carbon emissions.

Granted, these processes may not affect the style of your furniture, but it goes to show that brand choice matters. Perhaps the world would be a safer place for future generations if such furniture manufacturers got more support.

Eco-friendly Materials

Quick question, how many plastic bottles have you tossed in the garbage can this week? How about wire cables? Well, whichever the number, furniture firms all over the world are now recycling such ‘waste’ into furniture. The interesting bit is that even the furniture that is made from recycled items can itself be recycled all over again. 

Alternatively, if you are a die-hard believer in wooden furniture, reclaimed wooden furniture is right up your alley. True, antiques are great but you might change your mind entirely when you see what reclaimed wood has to offer. The prices are equally friendly given the value you get out of such pieces.

Smart Furniture

Right when the world was getting used to turning off toasters and ovens via smartphones, smart furniture came knocking.

You know that feeling when you have finally found a comfortable spot but you need to get up and charge your devices? It’s an annoying inconvenience, isn’t it? Fortunately, on a smart couch, you never have to get up again. It is fitted with power outlets that allow you to just plug in your charger and keep enjoying your comfort. Other smart design features include:

  • Touch lighting on cupboard and shelves
  • Automated seat and headrest recline features

The idea of smart furniture is hinged on the concept of experiential furniture. A chair is no longer just a chair but a lifestyle experience. Comfort is king and it is evidenced by thoughtful design provisions like cord management ports. Suffice to say, if you can find smart furniture pieces that look just as good as they function, you will have achieved furniture nirvana.

Build Your Own

Build Your Own

Sometimes when you are shopping for furniture, the heart just wants what the heart wants. The problem is, your exact preference may not be available in stores. Therein lies the beauty of the ‘build your own’ concept. 

Most brands that have this provision allow you to choose a set of furniture they already make and customize the details. You could ask for a specific fabric, height, width, or finishes like round or square corners. The price will depend on the kind of modifications you request.

If you opt for extensive customization, expect a price tag to match. This is because in some cases a manufacturer may have to commission a special mold for that particular project. It is, however, worth it if you are ordering in bulk for pieces such as restaurant furniture. You could also consider sourcing for the mold on your own to ensure the design is to your liking. Visit https://www.immould.com/ to learn more about furniture mold options.


Often, furniture is seen as just a tool to sit, work, or sleep on. These trends, however, prove that there is more to it. Its production and utility impact your lifestyle more than you may have given it credit for before. Fortunately, now that you have had a sneak peek of what the furniture world has to offer, you can shop with a more informed perspective.

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