History of The Tuft & Needle Mattress

What is a tuft? How is needle related to tuft? How this tuft and needle is related to the mattress? Are you like to sleep with needles? Here the name Tuft & Needle is said to be an odd word and it is the name of Mattress Company. There is a small story behind the name, the person who is JT and Daehee both wrote about the bad experience in the mattress what they personally feel on the mattress, and they started learning about the mattress. They think about how the mattress is manufactured and what are the materials used to design the mattress?

A lady who is staying neighbor to the JT’s house and she was worked at a high school in local. JT approached her to know about making the mattress. And she explained that how to prepare hand-make in a simple way, how to stuff the cotton into the mattress, also she offered him to come for a workshop.

After some day JT learned how to make hand mattress and the used materials are fabric, cotton batting, needles, thread and a big tufting needle. Finally, he started sewing the mattress leaving one end, and then he stuffed the cotton into the open end up too full. And close the other end with a needle, the final step to the mattress is tufting. Everyone should read carefully tuft and needle mattress review before buying it.

Construction of the T&N mattress:

Construction of the T&N mattress

T&N mattress rating firmness is 6.5 for a medium firm, a thickness of the mattress is 10 inches, a weight of the queen size bed is 72 lbs, and some of the supportive core components are 7 inches 1.8 PCF which has poly foam. This mattress consists of the layers on the mattress which is more comfortable components that is 3 inches with 2.8 PCF poly foam and finally the components of manufacturing the mattress cover is 50% rayon and the 50% polyester.


Tufting means where you want to pinch the strategic places together of the mattress and sew it. Tufting mainly used to prevent the batting material, which becomes lumpy, changes the shape of the mattress and the material is compressed together. Also design the tufted areas with some button which give more attractiveness to the couch of the backrest, cushion, and chairs.
Tufting mattress
For tufting, JT took a big needle to sew the different parts of the mattress, and he sewed those areas together. This reinforces the structure of the mattress and it prevents the cotton batting while moving. After tufting the mattress in perfect places and he completed his first mattress successfully.

How the name was formed?

After some year, JT and Daehee met together and start the new company, and JT gathered his memories and experience about his first mattress tuft and needle. Finally, they tried to keep the name something differently which does not allow the name mattress or sleep and at the end they named the company as Tuft & Needle.

Pros of the Tuft & Needle mattress:

  • Online shopping carts gave the good reviews to this mattress. The rating of the mattress is 3.5 more than 10,000 reviews.
  • This mattress offers the free trial when the user is not satisfied for the mattress they can easily return. So it has low risks.
  • Price of the Tuft & needle queen mattress is $750.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper this will help to keep proper alignment.

Cons of the Tuft & Needle mattress:

  • If you are a side sleeper as a broad shoulder or wide hips will give sensitive pressure.
  • It doesn’t have the box spring, for that you need to purchase the bed platform or an adjustable base.
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