Here’s Where Staple Guns Come in Handy


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The staple gun is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment with many uses. They can be used for upholstery and furniture building, along with general woodwork and even have a place in certain construction tasks like securing roofing materials.

If you’re thinking of starting any of these kinds of projects, this guide for staple guns will look at what you can use them for, as well as give you advice on what not to do and why you should make sure you have one handy for your next project.

Upholstery, Arts and Crafts

Upholstery involves adding furniture and seats with padding, fabric or leather covering. Reupholstery means to improve old furniture by adding new materials and covering. This is great for re-using old furniture instead of throwing it away, something that’s much more environmentally friendly, and allows you to personalise your furniture, leaving it unique to you. 

Attaching the fabric used to upholster furniture is definitely something that will require a staple gun. You’ll also want to look at other upholstery accessories like nails which can be used in combination with staples for a decorative effect. You can also get other items to add to your furniture like wheels, castors, sofa legs and sofa feet from upholstery specialists.

It’s not just furniture you can get creative with, a staple gun can come in handy with all sorts of arts and craftwork. It’s the perfect accessory to your hobby.

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Carpeting, Decoration and More

Similar to how you can use a staple gun to attach fabric to furniture, you can also use the gun to fix carpets to the floor. It’s one of their most popular uses and you can even use a staple gun to attach carpets and material to the wall, useful for soundproofing.

You can also use a staple gun to protect your home via attaching house wrap, this will prevent moisture from entering parts of your home through wall cavities, with moisture leading to mould growing. A house wrap will also provide some light water resistance but isn’t completely waterproof.

There are many home improvement situations a staple gun can be used for. You can also use them for decoration, from artsy projects like creating a frame, to simple things like making sure party decorations stay in place.

You may have seen them used in TV shows when someone’s putting a flyer up. So they’re also great for some old school advertising. 

Woodwork, Construction and Gardening

Staple guns can also be used to fasten wood panels together, or to the wall or floor. The tool can really come in handy for light woodwork like making a birdhouse. You can also use the staples to create hanging baskets and boxes to keep plants supported and in place so that they can grow properly. Just hang them somewhere they can get shade and fill them with soil.

For the heavier stuff, you’ll probably need to bring out the drill or a hammer and nails. But definitely give the staple gun a go first. A heavier duty staple gun could even help put together your garden fence much faster and quieter, no more banging and banging – your neighbours will thank you!

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Some Do’s and Don’ts

Whilst you may have gotten some ideas for projects that you can get a staple gun for, you still have to be careful with this piece of equipment. As non-threatening as they might sound, a staple gun fires at high speeds. And staples can hurt.

Don’t go waving it around willy-nilly, staple guns can still cause injury. Point it away from both you, other people and animals. Also make sure to wear eye protection and suitable gloves that resist penetration but allow freedom of movement in your hand so you have safe control over the trigger. Try to avoid using your hands to hold materials in place and use clamps instead, if possible.

Make sure you use the right tool for the right job, if you’re using the gun for an outside project make sure to use corrosion resistant staples that can endure the varying weather.

The Magic of the Staple Gun

Next time you start a project, make the staple gun one of the essential items in your toolbox. With its speed and ease of use, you might even find yourself reaching for it before anything else.

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