Health Benefits of Standing While Working

Having a desk that is not only portable but allows you to remain standing has many health benefits. Although it’s nice to have options, it’s even better when you are doing something that your body is thanking you for. Standing while working does just that.

Keep reading while we explain the health benefits of standing while working.



Fresh air is healthy for us. It naturally boosts our energy. It’s much healthier to be outside for part of the day than to be inside in a stuffy room. A portable desk that allows you to work while standing may be small enough to bring outside. You can be working and still receiving the benefits of the outdoors.

Muscles and joints

Jobs that require you to sit all day end up being hard on your joints. When the body stops walking on a regular basis and being active, it goes into a zombie state.

This means blood will not flow as quickly around the body, and the metabolism will decrease.

Working from Home

Working from Home
If you work from home, you have more options of where you want to put your desk. Although you may still need to be inside all day, having your desk in front of the window still gives you natural sunlight along with other benefits.

The DeskView is the best portable window desk to allow you to get a view outside. It will even let you switch views on a regular basis since it’s portable.

More Productive

More Productive
It has been proven that people are more productive when they stand while working. When you can be more productive at work, you might finish earlier. This means that you can have a better quality of life by not working so many hours.

Lowers Obesity

The body burns more calories when it is standing versus sitting. Sitting for long periods during the day leads to obesity. If you can stand for six hours per day, your chances of becoming obese significantly decrease.

Decreased Risk Of Heart Disease

Decreased Risk Of Heart Disease
Standing for long periods versus sitting has been proven to lower blood sugar. This, in turn, decreases the risk of heart disease.

Helps Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Many cases of cancer are due to inactivity. Sitting for an extended period increases the risk of cancer. Although it’s important to get up and walk around throughout the day, it’s even better if you can stand for long periods.

Sitting for an extended period is now considered one of the most significant factors when it comes to cancer.

Reduces Back Pain

Reduces Back Pain
You may experience back pain when you sit in the same chair all day. This is very common. Standing can help you to reduce back pain and even become pain-free.


Being able to stand while working has many health benefits. Not only will it allow your muscles to move regularly, but it will even prevent things like cancer and obesity. For more information on DeskView options, contact us today.

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