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Have House Pests? Here’s Why You Should Use BioShield

Have House Pests? Here’s Why You Should Use BioShield

House pests can invade your home at any point in time and can carry horrible germs and harmful diseases. While some people take on the tasks of getting rid of them on their own, it’s not always a wise idea, as you can put yourself at risk. Hiring a pest inspector means that you definitely eliminate all the pests inside your home, and can stop them from reoccurring. In this article, we’ll talk about BioShield and how they can help individuals living in the Virginia Beach area.

Services multiple areas

BioShield services not only the town of Virginia Beach but also its neighbors so that everyone can remain pest-free. This includes locations such as Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Williamsburg, Woodbridge, Manassas, Fredericksburg, and more.

Pest control

BioShield treats a large variety of household pests, and with experienced professionals, you know that you will be safe in their hands. Below we’ll list a few of the most common American insects/pests that they treat and how they can cause damage to your health.
Pest control

  • Spiders: While these creepy and crawly friends can help us get rid of insects in our home, they can also bite and cause nasty infections. Some can even land you up in the hospital, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Termites: These bugs can cause extreme destruction in your home, and are very difficult to control once they have established themselves. They eat away at your walls and furniture, and before you know it leave significant structural damage.
  • Mice: Not only do mice carry harmful diseases and bacteria, but they also chew through just about anything, leaving significant damage to your home. Sometimes a trap just won’t cut it, and it’s better to bring in a professional
  • Mosquitoes: These nasty bugs can carry many diseases, such as Malaria and Yellow Fever. They also cause red itchy bumps across your skin when bitten, which can be extremely annoying.
  • Roaches: While these insects can’t bite or sting, they are very unhygienic and can transmit diseases and parasites across your home. When there is one, there is usually multiple, and they can take over your entire home.

Money-back guarantee

BioShield offers a money-back guarantee to all of its customers, as they are very confident with their services. On their website, they note that they will return to your home for free until you are satisfied with the results. Not all pest inspection services offer this guarantee, so it’s great for people that haven’t had to use a service like this before and aren’t sure what to expect. Click the link Virginia Beach Pest Control for more information.

Environmentally friendly products

Another great thing about BioShield is that they use environmentally friendly products when getting rid of your house pests. This is incredible, as many pesticides can cause significant damage to the environment and can be harmful to our health. Toxicity can lead to long term effects, and some even believe that pesticide exposure has been linked to asthma, anxiety, depression, and cancer. Click the link to read more about the impacts of pesticides on our health to see the harmful damage they can cause.

Safe for pets

Another great benefit of the type of pesticides BioShield uses? It’s entirely safe for pets! Over the years, many pets have fallen victim to harmful pesticides containing toxic chemicals. They are exposed to these chemicals when they walk on the grass, and then, later on, lick their fur. Some animals, such as dogs eat grass, which can then lead to poisoning. With BioShield’s promise, you can ensure that the pests will be gone, and your pets will be safe.

Free inspections

Free inspections
Before you have to commit to anything, BioShield will come to your home and give you a free inspection so that you know exactly what you are dealing with and the level of severity. Again, not all pest control services will offer you this service, and you may be charged a nice fee just for getting your home looked at, even if there are no pests present! You can save money and will have peace of mind knowing professionals are taking care of your home.

And that’s it! With BioShield, you can ensure that your home is safe from unwanted guests, and don’t have to worry about the stress of doing it yourself. You can check out their website for a free consultation today. Good luck, and say goodbye to those nasty pests!

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