Hardwood Flooring Types: Which One is Right For Your Home?


Hardwood Flooring

Are you thinking of redoing your floors? We’re here to help. Here are a few different hardwood flooring types for you to choose from.

Tired of looking at your old worn down floors? It’s time to redo them! The type of flooring that your home has plays a big factor in the way each room feels.

If you’re considering installing new hardwood floors, then you’re on the right path to an aesthetically-pleasing home. You can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring, but you will need to consider the different hardwood flooring types. There isn’t one simple style to choose from, so you’ll need to do some research before making a final decision.

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Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is made from a piece of wood and the planks have tongues on them to fit into one another for installation. Solid wood planks are between 18 and 20mm in thickness. Solid wood floors can be made from several different species of wood, which you can explore at a hardwood flooring store.
Solid Hardwood
The type of wood that’s used determines how hard the floors are. The harder the wood, the harder it’ll be to scratch them. This type of flooring can be sanded down and refinished multiple times.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is made from different layers of wood glued together. These planks are around 14mm thick and there’s a 4mm piece of real wood placed on the top. This allows you to sand down the planks and refinish them a couple of times.

And because they’re engineered, these planks won’t swell or contract due to environmental conditions as solid wood does.

Prefinished Hardwood

Prefinished hardwood comes in a variety of options. However, because it’s prefinished, you won’t have the option to customize it. You’ll save a bit of money with this option compared to unfinished hardwood because the installers won’t need to apply a finish to them.

Unfinished Hardwood

Unfinished hardwood leaves you with the smoothest floors possible. It’s installed and then sanded down. Because there’s not a finish already on the planks, you have the option of customizing them.
Unfinished Hardwood
It takes longer to install unfinished hardwood because the process of applying a finish takes a couple of days. However, this is the best option if you’re trying to match the floors with already existing floors or other aspects of your home.


Bamboo flooring is made from the stalks of bamboo. This type of flooring has a good variety of finishes and styles. Bamboo flooring is resistant to water and is a more environmentally friendly option.

Bamboo reproduces faster than trees. Plus, bamboo flooring is softer than hardwood, which your feet will appreciate. Do keep in mind, though, that bamboo flooring isn’t as durable as hardwood.

You Can’t Go Wrong with These Hardwood Flooring Types

You Can’t Go Wrong with These Hardwood Flooring Types
When considering redoing your home’s floors, any one of these hardwood flooring types will do a great job. Hardwood flooring is a great option and there are enough types and styles to fit any home.

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