Hardwood Floor Color Trends 2022 And Beyond: 7 Design Options To Revamp Your Space



Is your house ready for the year 2022? Are you planning for some renovations that would increase your home’s value? If so, you should peel off those out-of-style tiles and replace them with stylish and comfy hardwood flooring.

For more than a decade, hardwood floor has been one of the best floorings for everyone’s home. It gives comfort and is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Hardwood flooring trends constantly shift from one design to another as people’s lifestyle changes. 

The main trends are focused on styles that exude effortlessness and add coziness to everyone’s houses. As new technology rises, 2022 is a promising year for hardwood flooring.

Since floor design can dramatically change the aesthetic of your home, know the different factors to consider before you buy or choose your hardwood flooring, such as:

Style: Style is dictated by the homeowner’s personal preference. However, the designs you’re going to choose must blend with your surroundings. The right flooring style should complement and highlight other existing elements.

Space: Another important factor to consider is determining your home’s dimension. In order to select the right design, you should consider the size and shape where you will install it. How would it blend with your home’s furnishings? Note that a light shade provides a spacious feeling, while a darker shade provides warmth and a compact feel. 

Practicality: Is your flooring capable of lasting for a long time? Will your flooring provide some comfort for your family? Is it worth your money at the same time? These are the few things you need to consider if you want a practical and efficient design for your home.

Maintenance: Is your floor easy to clean and mop? Does it need additional polishing now and then? Does it require a lot of time and effort to maintain? These are the key considerations if you want flooring that only needs minimal effort and saves time and money.

Budget: You would want to make sure that your chosen design fits your budget and, at the same time, beautifies your home.

Type: With tons of designs to choose from, it’s quite difficult for most homeowners to decide which floors would suit their lifestyle and home. That’s why you need to be clear with your goals to select the designs you want easily and correctly. 

Now that you know the things you have to consider, it’s time for you to look at the hardwood floor color trends of 2022: 


Light wood floor color, such as blonde-colored hardwood, can provide your home with an airy, light, and timeless feeling. This color lets you decorate with endless possibilities. If you want a contemporary, rustic, or modern look, you would want to try this color.

Furthermore, light wood colors blend perfectly with cooler tones, such as lighter shades of blues and grays, perfect if you want these colors for your home.

Luxurious Living Room in new home


This color trend could provide a Florida vibe and feel for your home. It gives an easy-going vibe and is perfect for those who love a farmhouse-style home, especially when it comes to their kitchens.  

Furthermore, this color can give your home an elevated contemporary look. But this still depends on your furniture. Also, it can make your home brighter, spacious, and more relaxed, and like blonde-colored woods, whitewashed floors also go well with cooler tones.  


This color provides the benefits you want from blonde wood, such as making your home look spacious and light while also getting that rich, classic, and warm feeling due to its slightly darker tones.

Since honey is a natural wood color, it can make your home look simpler and realistic. This is why more people are changing their floorboards with this color.


If you want to set that chic and contemporary feel in your home, go with gray colors. Gray is one of the most popular hardwood color trends over the past decades. Gray wood allows you to decorate your home with almost any color you want, such as greens, aquas, or even plain combinations of black and white. 


Greige is a mix of two colors—gray and beige. This color trend is perfect for those who want the warm and cozy benefits of darker tones and lighter tones’ light and airy feels.

Additionally, this wood goes well with almost any color. You may complement it with white or brown or contrast it with deep and bold colors. Greige gives you additional flexibility, so pick whatever color you want as long as it goes well with your furniture.

Also, this works well with any room in your house. It can make your hallways and entryways look luxurious, and bedrooms look fresh and rustic. Greige wood would be a better choice if you also plan to resell your home.

Smoked Wood

Smoked hardwood flooring does not require any additional staining process to show its rich color and grains. Instead, hardwood is smoked in a smoker where gases are released. This gives the wood its excellent color. However, color changes are not always the same and may depend on how the process is executed, how long you smoke it, and the type of wood you use. 

Furthermore, smoked wood looks more luxurious and attractive than the traditional stained hardwood flooring.

Weathered Wood

This color trend has become popular and is perfect for those who want an aged and historical look in their homes.  

These woods undergo an aging process to give them a more rustic and slightly worn finish. Each wood is hand-scraped, swirled, and marked to get that worn and historical look. Then they are brushed to remove any excess sheen and polished to create a smooth and weathered texture.

Final Words

While there are tons of tempting designs out there, it is best to select a design that fits your family’s lifestyle and needs. As much as possible, don’t be impulsive when choosing a design. Analyze and think carefully, how some colors would blend your personality and your surroundings. 

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