Handy Carpet Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Whether you have crayon marks from your toddler or coffee stains on your light-colored carpet or merely an accumulation of everyday dirt and dust, every rug needs a little attention and care now and then. Carpet cleaning often involves moving of bulky furniture and waiting for the carpets to dry, making this a time-consuming and dreary task. But there are useful and simple tips that you can utilize for removing lingering smells and unwanted stains from your carpets efficiently.

  • Carpets must be vacuumed at least once weekly and more often in areas with substantial traffic. Frequent vacuuming can prolong the lifespan of your carpet as well as avoid a build-up of grainy particles that can cut into the fibers. Use a crevice tool now and again for cleaning around radiators and baseboard and other compromising places.
  • When you need to vacuum wall-to-wall carpets, you can divide the space into quadrants and vacuum one quadrant at a time in succession.
  • Don’t rush when you’re cleaning the carpet, particularly plus carpeting where the dirt can be deeply entrenched. Only one go with a dynamic upright is not adequate. Each section must be done a few times and work your way slowly to permit the suction to eliminate all the ground-in dirt and dust.
  • Make sure you’re paying particular attention to areas where people are sitting and moving their feet. These areas must be done in a crisscross pattern and with overlapping strokes.
  • Soil retardants can be utilized to newly cleaned or newly purchased carpeting and make sure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Soil retardants must only be applied with professional equipment using recommended treatment techniques.
  • Adding baking soda in the bag when you’re vacuuming can help fight odors.
  • Professional Houston rug cleaning experts can eliminate stubborn stains or treat spaces which are heavily soiled. They have the appropriate, high-quality equipment for removing dirt, dust, or stains a lot more efficiently than consumer-grade carpet equipment.

Cleaning Spills And Spots On The Carpet

Man Cleaning Stain On Carpet With Sponge

The first requirement when treating spills and spots on your carpets is to do it immediately. When the spill is still fresh, you’ll have an excellent chance of eliminating it altogether. These useful tips are worth using:

  • Cautiously scrape or blot the whole area before applying your cleaning solution and eliminate as much of the spill as you can.
  • Before utilizing any cleaning products, first, test the rug in an unobtrusive area to ensure the detergent won’t discolor or damage the carpet.
  • Never rub a spill as it can quickly spread the issue to a larger area.
  • When spot cleaner is applied, you must work from the outside of the blemish towards the inside to make sure the stain is not spreading. After using the cleaning agent, blot up the moisture.
  • A clean white bath towel is unmatched when drying carpet and brushing the nap into a standing position.
  • If you still feel like there’s too much moisture left after blotting, place a three-quarter inch stack of thick white towels over the mess and weigh it down with a heavy item.
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