Guide To Termite Treatment


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Termites are responsible for the destruction of about 5 billion dollars worth of property, every year. These tiny pests move in colonies beneath the Earth’s surface and often remain undetected for a long time.

They feed on decaying wood, tree parts, and debris. As a result, the control and prevention of termite infestation is a major part of home maintenance and professional pest controllers can help you to get rid of termites.. Fortunately, there are a number of termite treatment methods you can employ to protect your property.

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What Are Termite Treatment?

Termite treatments are methods of eliminating termites from your property. They can either be a quick fix or a long-term solution. Quick fix treatment eliminates a small number of termites in the home. It involves the use of chemical spray, dusting, or foaming treatment. Long-term treatment can either be termite barrier or termite bait.

For the termite barrier method, you will spray or inject a termiticide into the soil around the property structure to eliminate termites and prevent them from getting to the foundation of the house. Termiticide is a special kind of pesticide used solely to kill termites. This acts as a barrier around the house and protects it for a long time. This method is best carried out by a professional pest control company.

Termite Bait is an advanced method of getting rid of termite colonies beneath the soil. It involves the use of wood cellulose and a slow-acting chemical. The cellulose serves as the bait while the pesticide slowly gets rid of the whole colony.

You will insert the cellulose into a cylindrical hollow plastic tube, that is then placed at intervals into the soil. After perforating the tube, before long, unsuspecting termites will wander in and get eliminated.

Termites Treatment Process

If termites have infested your property, here is the process for treating it,

  • Select an expert pest control company: Treatment of termites often involve the use of harsh chemicals and termiticides; hence, by professionals. Choose one to come to treat the termite infestation.
  • Decide on the type of termite treatment you want to have: Depending on the extent of your pest issue, you can either go for a quick fix solution or an effective long-term treatment.
  • Check the label on the pesticide: It is important you properly read the label on the chemical and ensure it is safe to use for your property and also eliminates termites effectively.

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Termite Treatment Cost

The cost of eliminating termites on your property depends largely on the kind of treatment you need. The cost of quick fix termite treatment is usually between $300 and $700. If you want to get a termite barrier, the cost is typically within the range of $2,000 and $3,500, while a termite bait costs about $2,500 to $3,500. The size of the property also determines the cost of long-term termite treatment.


Termites reside in colonies underground and can be very dangerous to your property. This is why it is important to treat any form of infestation as soon as possible. It is most advisable to get either bait or barrier treatment as they last longer and are more effective.

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