Guide To a Minimalistic Living Room


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A living room is one of the livelier areas in a home. Frequently used for entertaining friends and family, it is often an ample space that allows for celebrations and gatherings. However, styling and decorating a living room can be challenging. You want it to reflect your style and be functional enough to serve a purpose. Additionally, countless style options can confuse you further. This article will unpack how you can achieve a minimalist living room. 

Before You Decorate

Say you are apartment or house hunting; you should make a list of things you want to know about this potential place. While this is ideal due to several factors, such as knowing if the space is suited to your needs, it is equally important to see if you can decorate the area as you wish. For this reason, reach out to your nearest apartment rental agency to find out the specifications of the apartment or home beforehand. This will save you a trip if the apartment is unsuitable. Let’s dive into styling and decor.  

Clean Lines and Basic Shapes

There is something about perfectly angled furniture that prompts that minimalist lifestyle. Look at it this way: simple yet classic shapes effortlessly provide a minimalist look without removing the functional element. A way to do this is by incorporating statement pieces such as large round mirrors or a circular coffee table. If your living room is smaller, opt for luxe items such as luxury throws and rugs.  

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Statement Pieces

While you never want a minimalist space to seem cluttered or full — this will be the opposite of what you hope to achieve — you do want to use pieces that add some sort of flair. Conversely, you do not want to add statement pieces that contribute to making your space feel smaller than it is. There are a few key pieces here. One is a large mirror. Say you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your living room; you can place a large mirror on top of it to add that extra pop you need. This way, the item is both functional and does not add any unnecessary clutter. Other statement pieces include rugs, large lamps, and art pieces. 

Use Textures

Because you will be using limited decor, hopefully, coupled with a neutral color palette, it is easy for your space to appear boring. However, there are simple ways to ensure this does not happen. This is where textures come into play. A fantastic way to incorporate texture is to embrace natural grains such as wood and leather. For example, opt for a leather sofa or a mahogany coffee table. 

Natural Light

Many people are unaware that natural light can be used as decor. It is often the best way to achieve a minimalist look and feel. Let us say you have a large window in your living room. What this does is make your space appear more significant than what it is. Simultaneously, it provides an airy atmosphere. If you have soaring ceilings, then all the better. With natural light, try to leave your curtains open during those sunny days when you will have the most natural light possible.  

Practical Items

If you are thinking about furniture, try to picture your space featuring only functional items. For example, do not choose a sofa and six wingback chairs. This is not minimalist. Opt for practical items like a large, sophisticated leather sofa with one or two side chairs. Also, keep in mind the color. Choose sofas and chairs that are brown or neutral. While these colors may seem bland at first, they act as an anchor for the area in a minimalist space.  

Functional Storage Items

Did you know there is furniture available today that is both functional and stylish? Well, there is. Think about it like this: a living room needs to be a useful gathering place no matter the style of decor you choose. If you are prone to clutter, look for storage baskets that can be key or cable holders. This option is also stylish enough to serve as an ornament on your floating shelf at the same time. You can do this with sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, etc.  

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The last and probably more critical point is to declutter. You cannot have a minimalist space without removing the items you no longer need. Or even hiding them effectively. Usually, this is the first step in the decorating process. However, we think it should be the last step. It is because there are ways and means to store your items without having to get rid of them. However, always remember that less is more, and where you can remove items, do so. 

Decorating any space is one of the more fun adult experiences. You get to express your style and just enjoy what you have created. When setting up a minimalist living room, consider this: clean lines and basic shapes, statement pieces that add a sense of flair, textures to add more depth, natural light to make your space appear larger, and practical,  functional items.

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