Great Interior Style Guide For Bringing Your Home Into The Modern Age


Great Interior Style

Taking a look at some great tips and interior design ideas for helping modernize your home. Great interior style guide to help bring your home up to date.

Did you know one of the most popular styles of homes in the US is a Craftsman House? This boxy, contemporary design defines new-age modern homes.

But maybe you can’t buy your dream modern home and you’ve bought a fixer-upper. Or perhaps you’ve inherited your grandparent’s old house. One thing is for sure—it probably needs an update!

Follow this interior design guide to bring your old-fashioned home into the 21st century.

Interior Design Guide for Traditional Homes

Owning a traditional house can look fantastic. But if you use some of the latest trends to adjust it, it’ll look even better. You can even do it on a budget.
Interior Design Guide for Traditional Homes
Here’s how to stop living in a time-capsule with some modernizing tips.

Back to Basics

There are many contemporary interior design ideas to try out, but before you get started you need to update the basics. For example, many houses built in the 1950s have popcorn ceilings and textured walls. Scrape off the textured paper or skim coat over them to create clean lines.

After your base is ready, paint any dark trim and doors. Again, in the 1950s doors, molding, wood paneling, and baseboards were often painted in dark colors. Paint them in white to brighten and modernize any room.

These Four Walls

Many older houses have separate dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. But modern interior design is all about a free-flow of rooms and wide-open spaces. If you want to modernize your space, you may need to remove some walls.

For example, knock down the wall between your dining room and kitchen to create an open-plan kitchen-diner. Or you could remove low hanging flat ceilings to create a vaulted ceiling. This will add architectural interest and make the room feel a lot bigger. If you are searching for popcorn ceiling removal contractors, you can go for Patch Boys Stipple Removal.

Of course, as they are large projects, it’s better to hire professionals. You may also need planning permission depending on the scale of the project.

Let There Be Light

A key feature in modern homes is the lighting. This means you may have to replace doors or windows.

If the original windows are small, try enlarging window openings to let in more light. If there is space for it, add classic French doors downstairs or French doors opening onto a Juliet balcony upstairs. This extra light will turn a dark and dingy room into a light and airy space.
Let There Be Light
If pulling out windows and doors isn’t in your budget, you can lighten your home with an array of fixtures and lamps. The key is to create the main three types of lighting:

  • General Lighting (or ambient lighting)
  • Accent Lighting
  • Task Lighting

Try pendant lamps, hanging lamps, bubble chandeliers, geometric lighting, and suspended lighting. These twinkling lights will totally revamp your rooms on a budget.

Contemporary Kitchens

One of the first rooms that start to look out-of-date is the kitchen. Keep the lines in your kitchen clean, simple, and free of clutter for a modern look.

You could rip the whole kitchen out and start again, or you could simply update key elements. For example, swap old lighting for stylish pendant lighting. Or use Roman shades to dress windows and glass doors.

Replace old fashioned countertops with sleek stainless steel or marble. Try adding new hardware, such as an updated sink, modern faucets or pulls and knobs for cupboard doors. Update your kitchen cupboards with a lick of paint or add brand new modern doors onto old cupboards.

And don’t forget to modernize your accessories and appliances for the ultimate finish.

A Neutral Palette

One of the top home decorating tips is to keep a neutral palette for modern vibes. All white is a classic look that’s been a popular choice for many years. However, it can look a bit clinical, so try adding a bit of color.

Some neutral colors for a modern home include:

  • Dove Gray
  • Mist Gray
  • Greige (a mix between gray and beige)
  • Mauve
  • Pink Powder Blush
  • Aqua Pale Powder
  • Beige-Taupe

If you opt for a neutral base, you’ve set the scene for splashes of color. Use jewel-toned accessories and upholstery to brighten up your space without losing the modern look. For example, turquoise and orange throw cushions on a mist gray sofa will look modern, yet homey.

Dress the Walls

Dress the Walls
Most walls benefit from clean neutral lines. But adding a touch of bold wallpaper can modernize an otherwise plain room. Choose geometric style prints and only paper one or two walls in a room.

As wallpaper trends come and go quickly, why not try wallpaper that peels off instead of using the traditional pasting method? This way, it’ll be easy to update your walls in the future.

Furnish and Accessorize

Once your base is ready you can buy modern furnishings and accessorize. But before you hit the shops, remember that contemporary design is minimalist. Cut the clutter and always remember that less is more.

Try a sleek mid-century modern sofa in a neutral color as a focal point. Use metallic accessories and furniture finishes, such as copper or brass. And hang a contemporary piece of art to finish off the look.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to “tech it up”. Instead of only creating a modern veneer, truly modernize your home by using smart features. Using smart devices, a classy sound system, and a sleek TV will make your modern home truly up-to-date.

Appearances Can Be Deceptive

Yes, a house that looks old and weathered on the outside can be a modern haven on the inside. So why not try to update the exterior of your home as well as the interior?

To fix up some old-looking brickwork, a lick of paint might do the trick. But if your home looks really dated on the outside, try modern cladding to give it a whole new look. Click here for fire proof Architectural Cladding Suppliers.

From Drab to Fab—Time for an Update

From Drab to Fab—Time for an Update
If your home is looking dated, get into the 21st century and make some changes. Follow this interior design guide and your home will go from drab to fab before you know it!

For more tips and hacks on how to update your home, check out the “Home Improvement” section of our blog.

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