Great Benefits Of Wooden Fence Posts


Wooden Fence Posts

Wooden fence posts are popular because there are so many types of wooden fences available, including the picket, board, split rail, and privacy and post. The installation of fence posts can be expensive, and the costs can easily climb into thousands of dollars. However, wooden fence posts have made installation and cost relatively inexpensive and easy.

Below are some of the great benefits of wooden fence posts:

Wooden Fence Posts Have Great Strength

Wooden Fence Posts Have Great Strength
Timber fence posts are usually sourced from high-density forests. That’s why high-density trees provide wooden fence posts with great strength. When mature trees (at least 28 years old) are sourced, it ensures that wooden fence posts are durable.

Wooden Fence Posts Are Warmer and Stylish

Wood or timber fence posts can be perceived as being warmer and more stylish when you’re planning to create an attractive garden. Wooden fence posts greatly complement additional features, like wooden decking and trees around. Also, you can affix fence panels to wooden fence posts to eliminate the rattle in a gust of wind that concrete fence posts usually give if they are not securely fixed.

Wooden Fence Posts Are Cost-Effective

Wood fence posts are more affordable than concrete and metal posts. Also, maintaining wood fence posts is also easier and affordable. Many wood fence posts can be maintained using a deck cleaner, water, and scrubbing brush.

Wooden Fence Posts Are Easy to Stain

Like wood fencing, you can stain fence posts easily, transforming the appearance of your entire property. It is a key advantage so you, your family, and guests can enjoy a total change of scenery. Wooden fence posts greatly complement your wooden fencing, giving a comfortable and relaxing scenery.

Aside from the updated appearance, wooden fence posts that are stained help thwart color fading and UV damage. Also, rotting is minimized, providing a water-resistant finish. Finally, staining wooden fence posts can prevent splitting.

Wooden Fence Posts Are Environmentally-Friendly

Wooden Fence Posts Are Environmentally-Friendly
For environmentally-conscious homeowners, wooden fence posts are now made available with economically-friendly stabilizers and preservatives. These agents help minimize swelling and prevent termite and rot damage.

Wooden Fence Posts Blend Well With Any Setting

Wooden fence posts are most sought-after because they blend well with any type of setting or all surroundings. Whether you want to install it in a residential setting, school property, park, commercial property, or rustic environment, wooden fence posts are versatile and well-suited.

Wooden Fence Posts Provide Superior Fence Support

Wooden fence posts, like pine, can last up to 30 years, providing superior fence support. When used as corner posts, wooden fence posts should have a minimum length of 8 feet. For best results, set your wooden fence posts 24 to 48 inches deep into the ground. For rocky or sandy soil, set wooden fence corner posts more than 48 inches deep.

Because the posts are considered the backbone of a fencing system, it’s important to choose fence posts that can support the fencing. Wooden fence posts should be made of tough or durable material, like birch, mulberry, and pine, and they must be installed properly. Wooden fence posts are perfect if you want a temporary fence installed because they are easy to remove and replace, unlike concrete posts.

Wide Range of Options Depending on Your Needs

Wide Range of Options Depending on Your Needs
When choosing a wooden fence post, you have to consider a few things. First off, it’s a fact that wooden fence posts decay over time, and untreated ones can only last for a few years before they start decaying. This is why it’s better to choose one that is pressure-treated (like chromated copper arsenate or CCA) to slow down the decay. Also, such treatment will extend the life of your wooden fence posts and fencing from years to decades.

However, not all CCA-treated wooden fence posts are the same. Check for the measurement that reads 0.4 lb/ft3 or even higher. It indicates the applied amount of CCA per cubic foot of lumber, so anything lower breaks apart fairly quickly. Another important consideration is the type of tree that the wooden fence post is derived from. Redwood, Sweetgum, Black Locust, and Pine are long-lasting and can last for 25 to 30 years.


It’s no wonder why a lot of homeowners, business owners, and other property owners like wooden fence posts. This type of fence post solution is affordable, versatile, stylish, innovative, and easy to install. By choosing a trusted and reputable wooden fence post supplier, you’ll obtain high-quality posts that will provide you with superior fence support and can last for many years to come. To know more about the latest designs and trends in a wooden fence, you can check the Illinois Fence to get updated.

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