Great Bathroom Design Ideas Fitting for Your Home


Great Bathroom Design

Who says a bathroom only has to be functional? Bland and empty like a strange land! Why not a room equally brimming with inspiration to fuel your daily passion? What say you to great bathroom design ideas that complement your personality?

You would love such ideas and the bathrooms thereof, won’t you?

A bathroom to freshen up and take some mind-blowing selfies. A site of refreshing baths overflowing with chi to create a memorable day!

You’re in luck; this piece contains some exciting designs. But first, there are three things you should consider:

3 Driving Forces Behind the Bathroom After Your Heart

Driving Forces Behind the Bathroom

Your Pocket Depth

Like soup, your bathroom is a reflection of its ingredients. How elegant and consistent your designs stick depends on how much you can spend.

In simple terms, quality designs can seem pricey. Nevertheless, you can always get affordable and equally beautiful crafts with the help of an expert. That brings you to the next point:


Even with a deep pocket, if you engage a poor modeling service, your bathroom will remain uninspiring. Worse case: a greenhorn will even damage your property.

That is why you should hire a professional like BathroomsDelight. With such a fixer, you will get value for your money and peace of mind. Yet, they can help you get the best materials for a lesser price.


Regardless of the quality material or how great an expert fits your designs, bad maintenance practices will rubbish your home. For that reason, you should endeavor to keep your bathroom tidy at all times.

That said, let’s get back to business:

5 Great Bathroom Ideas Just For You

Great Bathroom Ideas Just For You

Animal Skull Theme

With this design, you will get a simple yet classic touch to your bathroom. Here is how it works:

You use a trendy animal skull as a point of attachment to wooden, long-clawed horns. Then, you’d place such on your wall.

The beauty then comes out as a contrasting theme to your plain-colored walls. More beauty awaits you when you use a pendant light that hangs just between the horns.

Mini Spa

This style affords you space to soak away your stress. Luxury, yes, but with only the necessities.

In this mini spa design, all you’d have in your bathhouse is a countertop, chandelier, and tub.

That way, you’d get a serene atmosphere to relax and meditate. Free from the troubles and clutters!

The Beehive

Unlike the spa-style, the beehive is a small-space bathroom design. Here the style is tile-focused.

Instead of your regular rectangular tiles, the beehive uses hexagonal-shaped maneuvers.

In the end, your favorite morning ground will look like a hive. To complete the design, you’d add the brass faucets that stand in as honey.

The Waterfall

This design is a walk-in shower. The shower cap here, though, is different. Here water comes from a somewhat rectangular trough from the wall and flows down on your head. To complete the design, you could add a stonewall theme marble to your wall.

The Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the DIY hacks in this list. So easy that all you’d need for this design is to:

  • get the wallpaper of your choice, and
  • place it on the wall of your bathroom

Voila! Your design is complete!

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