The Graphic Design Art Of Dana Tanamachi Studio

Chalk and a blackboard is all the artist’s post today need to make beautiful typographical work.

TANAMACHI STUDIO is a boutique graphic design art studio specializing in hand-lettering & custom typography for editorial, lifestyle, food, and fashion brands. Dana Tanamachi is a designer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Until recently, she worked at Louise Fili Ltd (great by the way) agency specializing in design and packaging for restaurants and food. As a hobby, Dana produced some printers with chalk on slates. But her work began to have such prominence that now she does it full time. Her works end up being temporary in some places, but makes you want to have your creations forever.

Dana Tanamachi Studio

Chalk and a blackboard

Dana Tanamachi Art

The quality of his works is such that one of her last works was the cover of Oprah , much praised in design blogs.

cover of Oprah

Oprah Magazine cover shoot with Oprah

Unlike many may think that typography is no easy task. To prove this, Dana makes videos showing the complexity of each art made and how much is something that requires patience. A great reference for those who want to study more about this type of writing.

Dana Tanamachi typography Art

washington dc

andrio caroline typography Wedding Board

Astounding DIY Chalkboard Headboard

Inspirational Quotes on Wall


FLOURISH Typography Art Work By Dana Tanamachi in Japan

FLOURISH Typography Art Work By Dana Tanamachi in Japan 01

FLOURISH Typography Art Work By Dana Tanamachi in Japan 02

FLOURISH from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Tanamachi Studio for Target

Typography Art Design on wall

Bedroom Typography Art Design

Menu Chalkboard

Celebrate Frameless Mirror

Heart Framed Art

Alphabet Paperweights

Alphabet Paperweights

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