Going On Vacation: Tips For Preparing Your Home

Whether you are hitting the beach or going out of the country for an extended vacation, you need to make sure that your home is prepared for your long-term absence. Your cooling and heating system must also be all set to combat the harsh weather. So before you pack your bags, here are the tips that will give you peace of mind even when you are away from home.

Check your air conditioner.

Check your air conditioner.

One factor that can lead to high energy bills is not paying attention to your air conditioner. You can reduce the financial burden by making sure that your home is not too humid. First, you have to determine how long you will be gone. This is important because you have to change the settings of your thermostat while you are on vacation.

The only way your air conditioning unit will be able to operate efficiently is when it is at full speed. If your home is left empty for an extended period, your home is expected to use more energy than usual. You will need to discuss options including the operating schedule. A trusted AC repair Dallas technician will be able to give you good recommendations.

If it is only a short visit like a weekend getaway, the settings of your air conditioner can be set to cycle on and off. This setting will enable your unit to run at a lower speed for a shorter period. It also ensures that your home does not become humid, encouraging bugs and mold to develop. Regardless of the length of time, you will be going away; there are other things you need to check to keep the costs of your energy bills down.

Your air conditioner’s filters must be cleaned before you leave. If you are going on vacation for an extended period, you need to shut down the house by closing all windows, blinds, curtains, and doors. It will ensure that your home is shaded and sealed, preventing the waste of energy.

Do not leave unless you check all of your appliances. They must be unplugged to reduce cooling and heating load. Even if you are not using these items, they can still generate heat. Consider booking routine maintenance, which includes air conditioner tune-up.

Inspect your plumbing system

Inspect your plumbing system
Aside from your air conditioning unit, you should also check your plumbing system if it is working correctly. Perform some preventative measures to ensure that your home will not encounter problems like leaks which require emergency plumbing repairs. When turning the water off before going on a trip, consider your main shut-off valve. When you turn it off, the rubber seals may crack or dry out.

If you leave it off over long periods, you might also let the sewer gas enter your home through the drains that have dried out. If you are going to switch off the main shut-off valve, be sure to turn off the water heater first. It will be a great idea if you call a professional plumber to shut off the main gas valve. They will provide you with recommendations to prevent plumbing problems while you are away.

Aside from shutting off the main water, you should also turn the gas off. Turn off appliances that can cause a leak like your dishwasher and water heater and shut off the supply line valve leading to your toilets. You should also prevent bacteria from building up in your kitchen sink by pouring a solution of vinegar and water and shut off cold and hot water valves of your washing machine.

Additional tips

Most people think that switching off the appliances is enough to prevent the occurrence of potential disaster when going on a trip. The truth is, there can still be a sudden surge in power which can cause your device to create a flame. Even when your appliances have been switched off, the electrical flow continues if they are still plugged in.

If you are living in an area where there is a high chance of a storm, electrical surges are more likely to occur. Your house can be on fire when this happens. Be sure to unplug the switch of your heated appliances like ovens and dryers. You should also unplug your refrigerator since you will not be using them. Have a qualified electrician conduct maintenance and repair. You can have a stress free vacation if you have prepared your home.

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