Gift for Newcomer

How time flies, the Double Seven Day is coming, do you select a gift ? For some men who have difficulty choosing, it is really a big problem to send a girl’s Chinese Valentine’s Day gift. Count down the birthday, commemoration day, white Valentine’s Day, and the Double Seven Day is not far away waiting for the gift. The present of each day must not the same, but what are those that have not been sent? Estimated that many people are pondering gifts to their loved ones.

It’s tired of sending diamonds and couple get name necklace jewelry, why not choose jade as a gift? The current jade jewelry, which style is very fashionable, not only the older couple can send, the newly married couple and the small couple can also choose the right one.

The most important thing about love is sincerity and eternity, and sending jade is just a good example. It is a gift symbolized a long time and firm; it is decorated with people keeps the heart, represents the most eternal. Women who wear jade jewelry are quiet and elegant, and they are beautiful. The charm is active in the blue color, and life is swimming in the crystal. A natural old pit ice jade floating flower bracelet is definitely the best choice for girlfriends.

If a woman does not have any accessories on her neck, it will inevitably appear to be “empty.” Sending an emerald necklace represents locked her tightly, hoping that there is only one person in her heart, no other heterosexual.

The bracelet is the lover of a woman’s life. When she is old, the bracelet is passed on to her daughter or daughter-in-law. The bracelet carries the feelings of the Chinese family. You want to surround her, in addition, the jade bracelet represents that you only love her alone.

Wedgwood on the cup

Wedgwood on the cup

Its appearance at the wedding is very high, and many girls have added a set of Wedgwood porcelain to their home illusions. Wedgwood is the royal porcelain brand of the British royal family. Because it adds 51% animal bone powder, the texture is harder than ordinary porcelain.

There are solid color raspberry embossments and small textures on the cup wall of the cup. The embellishment on the inner wall adds a lively and fresh feeling. The small fresh couple who prefer the pastoral style will like it.

Both a microwave and a dishwasher can be used, and the store contains a ribbon gift box and a tote bag.

Vera wang wedgwood champagne pair

Wedding Queen Verawang

Wedding Queen Verawang
The champagne glass designed in collaboration with Wedgwood is the first choice for wedding gifts. Send an elegant “lifelong”, can also be used to drink a glass of wine on the wedding day, the gift is also very elegant.

The metal bow tie on the champagne glass also has the meaning of wishing the newcomer to be united. The texture is very heavy on the hand, so a romantic cup, it is just right for the bride and groom to drink a glass of wine at the wedding. When they are on their wedding anniversary, they can also take out a few drinks and enjoy the atmosphere.

Withstand the details of the viewing, in addition to the ribbon gift box will also send two warm decorative lights, when the lights light up are very atmospheric.

Tiffany Bow Bone Porcelain Cup

Tiffany Bow Bone Porcelain Cup
There is a blue called Tiffany blue, pure and beautiful. The classic bow mug is also a classic alternative to the wedding cup. Each cup is like a small gift box tied with a bow, and the half-hearted handles are smooth and elegant.

Chinese Double Happiness Cup

In the round place, the meaning of double happiness to the door. This is a Chinese style double happiness cup in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi. It has a red hi-hat in the bottom of the cup, like a seal on the seal. It can be knocked out with a red mud. This collection of elegant and cheerful ideas is a chic heart.

You can also customize the text on the wall of the cup, such as “hold your and get old together” or the name of the new person, the vows written with the gracefulness are very lovely!

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