Gardening Tips for Beginners


Gardening Tips

If you’re new to gardening then things can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, with so many different things to do and learn, especially if you don’t know where to start. From keeping your garden looking its best, to growing your own herbs and vegetables, there’s a huge range of things that can be done to enhance your garden and improve your skills along the way. Asking for Gardening Advice will be a big help to growing healthy plants. Continue reading for some top gardening tips for beginners and start your gardening journey today.

Know Your Space

Before you can determine exactly what you’re going to do in your garden, you need to know the space you have properly. Knowing your garden is essential to ensuring that everything you choose to do works well with the space you have, for example you need to know which parts of the day receive the best sunlight and in which area, as well as knowing the condition of your garden in case you have particularly boggy parts in the winter and so on. Once you know exactly what your garden is like and what you have to work with, you can move onto planning and preparing your outdoor space.
Know Your Space

Gardening Prep

Many people get very excited when it comes to gardening and can get extremely carried away in the initial stages. Gardening is something that you can build on over time, trialling products that may or may not work for you and finding out your own gardening style and so on.

Start by doing some gardening prep, finding a selection of essential gardening tools to get started with (without going overboard) and take it from there. During your initial prep stage, you can determine what you want to achieve in the first few months. From basic garden upkeep to introducing your first herb garden, you can make plans for your gardening schedule and start to get the ball rolling. If you don’t prep in advance, you may find yourself struggling to get the results you want from your plants and other areas of the garden, so it’s always worth taking some time to plan things out beforehand.

Educate Yourself

There are lots of things to learn when it comes to gardening and whilst many things are learnt as you go about your gardening tasks, there are some key things that you can learn about in advance to give yourself the best start. Make the most of online tools that are available to you, with trusty sites such as RHS and Gardeners World to find as much valuable information as possible, with articles on almost every different gardening topic. By simply reading through blog posts you’ll be able to educate yourself and pick up handy tips and snippets of advice to put into action in your own garden.
Educate Yourself

Start Simple and Small

It’s the same as any project, whether you’re gardening, decorating the house or even running a marathon you should always start small and build up as you go along. You don’t want to overdo it or become overwhelmed, so starting out simple and small will really help you to build your confidence, as well as ensuring you have a better chance of success.

When it comes to the garden, start with smaller tasks such as growing your first selection of herbs for example, then you can build up to fruit and veg as you gain more skills and learn more about how to get the best from your crops.

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