Gardening Gear Essentials for a Well Kept Outdoor Space


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Your outdoor space deserves the same attention and care you give to your home. It should look beautiful regardless of whether it’s a small garden or a lawn with barely any trees and flowers.

Taking care of your outdoor space can be expensive. But you can lower the cost by investing in the right gardening equipment. In this guide, we’ll highlight the essential tools you need to take care of your outdoor area.


If you’re like many people, you feel good when your lawn looks good. Now, you don’t need to hire a cleaning company every time you need grass cut in front of your house. Invest in a good lawnmower. 

Buy a walk-behind lawnmower if you have a small lawn. Invest in a riding mower if you have acres of grass to take care of in your home. Consider the features you want in a lawnmower, your budget and reviews.


A trowel is like a small spade with a pointed tip. It’s curved to help you scoop soil while digging small holes and planting trees and vegetables. It is comfortable and easily portable.

However, it’s not ideal for doing a considerable amount of gardening work. If you’re planning to dig around for an hour or two, you need to buy our next tool.

Gardening Fork

A gardening fork comes with a long handle to help break ground for your backyard gardening. It works hand in hand with a spade. The latter helps you clear away lumps of soil or dig large holes.

That being said, forks come in several types. There’s the digging fork, which is large and has a long handle. Then there’s a hand fork. It’s smaller and best reserved for eliminating shallow rooted weeds. 

Another type of fork to consider buying is the border fork. It’s lighter than a gardening fork, making it ideal for loamy soil. 

A Trimmer and Blower Combo

The best string trimmers and blower combinations work like a team. They rely on one battery to trim grass and blow leaves from your compound. The batteries are removable, of course. 

With that in mind, string trimmers and blower combinations are not created equal. Some are incredibly small, meaning they will take hours to help you trim your one-acre compound. 

Some combos have slow blowers. And as such, they don’t get the job done as fast you would want. Against that backdrop, buy the best trimmer blower combo. Compare different kits to determine the best tool for you.

Gardening Gear Essentials 2

Pruning Shears

If you have trees, flowers or plants in your backyard space, consider buying pruning shears. They’re comfortable to hold and shred small twigs and branches comfortably.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are like a kneeling pad. They’re nice to have but not necessary if you have no problems getting your hands dirty. Buy gloves if you develop blisters easily. Also, buy this gear to protect your fingers from sharp thorns or shards of glass on the ground.


Depending on whom you ask, a wheelbarrow is a necessary gardening tool. It’s your primary machine for carrying gardening tools, fertilizers, manure and plants to your backyard.

It also helpful in carrying cans of water, mulch and anything else that you use in your backyard. That being said, a wheelbarrow is important only if you have a large outdoor space. 

Hose and Watering Can

There are several ways to water your plants, flowers and lawn. A gardening hose works great if you want to keep your budget low. Nonetheless, buy a hose that’s long enough to cover your outdoor area. It should also be compatible with your water outlets.

Another way to water your garden is to use a can of water. This is the traditional way, but it helps you conserve water. If you a constant flow of water, though, you could also invest in a sprinkler.

Garden Rake

A garden rake is an essential part of your arsenal. It helps you flatten the soil and remove unwanted weeds and grass. That means it works to complete other tools like hoes, forks and shovels.

Buy an adjustable rake with steel tines. They are versatile and durable. Also, choose a rake designed for the job at hand. If you’re more concerned about collecting leaves, buy a leaf rake. Otherwise, purchase a rake designed to even out soil and whisk away weeds from the garden.

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