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Garage Door Repair 7 Signs You Need to Change Its Exterior Look as Well

Garage doors are made to last for a long time, but there comes a time when its function diminishes due to wear and tear through the years. Thus, you need to watch out for a few signs here and there that might call for a repair or even a garage door replacement.

Sometimes, these situations could also be compounded by your geographic location. For instance, if you’re living in a temperate state or a semi-arid city, there are chances that your area’s climate will contribute to such wear and tear. In Colorado, for instance, ask any Loveland garage door repair professional if their city’s weather has affected garage doors, and they’ll probably answer in the affirmative. Thus, these experts already know which services to offer residents to remedy the situation, especially when the doors look like they need changing.

Want to know the troubleshooting signs these repair experts spot to know that it’s time for a garage door overhaul? Check out the following signs to help you.

1. Garage Door Damage

It can happen sometimes; a motorist could accidentally crash into your garage door at any given time. Although your garage door didn’t deserve to be treated that way, you’re now looking at its crumpled or cracked state. Either way, you’ve got a damaged garage door, which needs professional work for replacement.

2. The Door Is Old

A typical garage door can last decades. However, if you have one in your home now with a scratched and obviously old exterior, it may be high time to consider a replacement. Through the years, a wooden garage door shows signs of aging through warps and cracks. When such doors start malfunctioning or are getting hard to close, it might be time to consider a change.

3. Its Aesthetic Appeal Is Dwindling

Probably the strongest reason for investing in a new garage door is when a homeowner decides to update their home’s look. A newly-installed garage door is one way to improve the exterior look of your home. With various styles and colors, you can carefully coordinate one to jive with your home design.

Today, there are many options to choose from when it comes to garage doors. Since your garage takes up a lot of space in your home’s exterior, a new garage door can greatly affect the overall appearance of your home. If you’re highly conscious about keeping the aesthetic value of your home, then it’s time to call the professionals and choose something nice and new.

4. Rust And Other Visible Damage

Although surface rust can be easily removed if done early on, a completely rusted door is a different story. A door that’s been eaten by rust, where rust has deeply penetrated the metal, should be replaced immediately. Rust can significantly weaken the door’s structural integrity, and allow pests to enter your garage.

If your home is in an area experiencing snow or heavy rains, this could be a common problem. Corrosion from weather changes is another serious issue that homeowners have to check. You might be tempted to save money by fixing the door yourself, but this job is best left with the professionals.

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5. Broken And Worn Out Portions

If you notice any brittle or broken portions, particularly at the bottom of your garage door, a replacement is highly recommended. Replacing worn-out parts of the door should help avoid further damage and extend its life. Check to see if the rollers are chipped, worn, or cracked, as they might need replacement as well. Rollers play an essential role in the smooth operation of your garage door. In addition, if you see loose bolts, screws, wires, or any parts of your door that seem out of place, it’s best to call an expert and have your garage door checked already.

6. Uneven And Sagging Door

Even garage doors can sag over time. Blame it on gravity or whatever causes it to sag, but a saggy door is one way to invite pests inside your home. It can also be a way for cold or hot air to enter your house. In short, a faulty garage door negatively affects your home’s security.

Sagging can also lead to your door losing its balance, which can be dangerous for people and pets inside your home. Experts of garage door repair Loveland CO would tell you that, if not addressed soon, a sagging door can make opening and closing difficult, producing a bigger problem eventually. Such professionals would likely recommend for the easy installation of a door replacement. Always consult with experts when faced with such major repair issues.

7. Unusual Noise

If your garage door looks okay on the outside but makes unusual noises, that’s quite alarming. Some noises heard when opening or closing garage doors are typical, but louder sounds could mean having loose tracks. This small issue could lead to a bigger problem in the future, such as damage to the pulley and motor system.

Final Thoughts

Your garage door is an essential part of your home, as it’s one way to protect you and your belongings from harsh weather or uninvited pests. Thus, keeping it fully functional is one way to secure your home, too. Also, keeping your garage door looking exceptional will help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your house. Knowing these early signs of a damaged garage door will help you call the professionals in time.

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