Garage Door Maintenance Tips When Updating Your Garage

Doing some garage door maintenance is something you don’t think about on a regular basis. However, taking the time to do these things can help you save a lot from any unexpected garage door repairs in the future.

To make sure your garage door is working smoothly, it’s time for you to conduct regular maintenance when you’re updating your garage.
Garage Door

1. Observe the action.

The first thing you should do is to look at how your garage door is moving. This way, you’ll know whether there’s something wrong with its performance. Check whether both sides of the system are symmetrical or not.

2. Examine and tighten all roller brackets.

Examine and tighten all roller brackets
A garage door works many times in a year. It moves and vibrates every time you use it. With this in mind, inspect and tighten up the hardware by using a socket wrench.

3. Check the balance.

One of the most important preventive steps is to check the garage door balance. If it’s not balanced correctly, your door will not last long. A professional garage door repair company can resolve balance issues and make the necessary door spring adjustments.

4. Examine and replace rollers.

The rollers should be inspected and replaced from time to time if you intend to use your garage door several times a day. Check for any cracked rollers and have them replaced by removing the brackets, which are indirectly connected to the cable system.

5. Replace the weatherstripping.

Replacement of the weatherstripping is necessary to keep natural elements out of your house. Examine the seal at the bottom of your door to look for cracks and replace the weatherstripping as soon as possible.

6. Lubrication.

Your garage door should be greased up to ensure many years of smooth operation. Lubricating the moving parts of your garage door will only take a few minutes.

7. Take a look at the cables.

Take a look at the cables
Don’t take the cables for granted as they lift your door. Be sure to assess their condition so you’ll know whether professional services like Garage Doors Repair Wizard are necessary for its maintenance.


Use these garage door maintenance tips as a guide in keeping your garage in tip-top shape. Moreover, pay attention to your garage door’s parts and accessories and their condition to ensure that your system is functioning properly. This way, you’ll be able to use your garage safely for a long time.

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