Furniture That Makes a Distinction and Adds Value


Furniture That Makes a Distinction 1

The typical elevation of high counter stools ranges from 24-27 inches at the stool designed for a 36-inch high dining table or countertop, while bar stools are 28 to 33 inches tall at the chair and are crafted for a 42-inch high bar counter. If you are not certain which height of stool to purchase, you can opt for adjustable height stools that fit both occasions. The luxury bar stools come with a gas lift lever just beneath the seat, so the height of the stool can be altered according to your choice. The height of the stool can be adjusted from 22 to 30 inches, and the 360-degree rotation gives you the leverage to turn in any direction to continue the tête-à-tête with friends.

PU leather finish

The large stable base with a footrest crafted from premium chrome gives the stool enough steadinesses, and the rubber padding produces an anti-skid effect and maintains the floor from scuff. The exquisite leather upholstery at the backrest and seat gives a classy look, and the elegant yet sturdy stool can withstand a weight capacity of 286.60ibs. Or around 130 kilograms. The stool weighs 13.86 lbs. and is structured from high-end metal, and the seat is crafted from posh PU leather. This kind of leather is made from polyurethane, a category of plastic and does not contain any animal hide. Since a special coating is applied on the PU leather is durable, comfortable and appears stylish compared to faux leather. These stools are designed ergonomically so you can sit for hours without discomfort.

Add charisma to your kitchen

The open backrest swivel bar stool adds charisma to your kitchen. It is crafted with a rock-solid robust pedestal and upholster with lavish PU leather. The piece fuses seamlessly with the overall décor of the kitchen. The stool adds style and persona to the space. The guests get a glimpse of your unique taste and personality. The stool is ready to serve you and your guests for aromatic morning coffee or a drink at the end of the day with your sweetheart. The choice of stools is endless. You can go for a cheerful bright, hue, ergonomic bar stool or an urbane leather plush bar stool.

Dining table and chairs 

Enjoying a meal at home with loved ones beside you at the dining table is perhaps the most pleasing moment of family life. It is a space where memorable moments and bonds are created. Regardless of the size of your home, you must experience the pleasure of homeliness with an oak dining chairthese chairs are crafted from sturdy oak wood, and the seats are covered with premium quality foam for comfort and aeration. The armless design gives it a sleek appearance and comes in various hues that could align with your home décor. 

Natural cane backrest

The backrest is made from natural cane handcrafted carefully around the durable wood frame to offer support to the user`s rear. The rattan backrest adds aesthetic value to the furniture, and as the fibre is lightweight, it can be moved easily. The caned backrest makes the chair airier and provides ventilation, particularly in summer. The sturdy ash wood frame offers both style and sturdiness. The rubber padding at the legs lessens clatter during movement and shields the floor from scratching. The sleek design, soft cushions, and airy backrest give you the ultimate comfort and style.

Furniture That Makes a Distinction 2

Innovation, creativeness

At, you will find innovation, creativity and customer satisfaction. The furniture for outdoor and décor is redefined. You get value for every piece of furniture for its durability, style and sturdiness. The sleek, clean-cut contemporary design furniture is just right for a minimalistic décor. Mostly that artistic furniture is crafted from metal, glass and timber with earthen tones. You will find a wide range of the best accent chair, snug lounge chairs and swivel chairs with ergonomic designs with exclusive geometric design chairs for the office and home. Even the reclined chairs are designed to provide postural support still when the person reclines. You will find some of the highest quality ergonomic furniture over here available in a wide spectrum of tints, patterns and designs.

A sleek, cohesive design

The sleek, cohesive kitchen furniture gives a trendy look to the space; they are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. The dining table and chairs are not designed for only dining and wine crafted from solid oak. They are masterpieces in their own right. The pine finish sideboard with a detachable shelf gives you more storage space making the space more organized. The legs are made of metal with a golden finish giving it a classy look, and the stands are adjustable, so you do not need to put paper beneath them to make them stable.

Shipment & payment gateway

There is three available payment gateway to buy furniture from Artleon; PayPal, credit/debit card and Klarna. If you use a credit card in the PayPal gateway, the number of the card is encrypted, so unauthorized use is restricted. Free ground shipping is offered on all entitled orders; orders are shipped within one to two working days during the festive season. It may take longer time around three to seven working days. You can buy furniture that is stylish, functional, durable and visually pleasing.

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