Furniture for Wine Cellars

The Wine aging process is long and sensitive. Correct temperature and humidity must be maintained. Wines are stored in wine cellars where they are aged. Bottles or barrels are mainly used for storing the wine. Although some wine cellars use carboys, amphorae, or even some plastic containers. There are active and passive wine cellars. Important parameters like temperature and humidity are maintained by a man-made system. On the other hand, passive wine cellars don’t employ any artificial system.

It is crucial to choose the right kind of furniture for wine storage. Good design, as well as affordability, must be considered when choosing the furniture. There are special coffee and bistro tables for wine cellars. These tables make more rooms for wine storage as they have double the wine storage units. Not only tables, but there are also coffee and bistro bars for wine cellars. This furniture with beautiful decoration inspired by the wine itself is available in the market. There are many companies that sell a wide range of furniture for your wine lifestyle. There are companies that offer aesthetic and functional credenzas and refrigerators.

There are enthusiastic wine lovers and collectors. They love customizing their own wine cellars. Their taste of decoration has also evolved over time. Sometimes, they wouldn’t find the right storage design for their wine collections. They then need to create their own wine cellars and populate them with custom furniture. If the storage doesn’t have enough space for at least five or six bottles then handling them might be annoying. So go for furniture with extra room for wine bottles. There could be custom furniture that could be ordered by the customers. Many companies are ready to make such custom-built cellars with some extra money.

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As I mentioned before, temperature and humidity are very important factors. If you are an avid collector and have your own wine cellar, then you should put extra care into maintaining the right kind of temperature and humidity. Usually, 55 degrees is considered as the optimal temperature. For humidity, 50-75 percent of humidity is the range that should be targeted. Only the perfect balance of temperature and humidity will ensure the perfect aging of wine. Mahogany wood is helpful in maintaining the proper condition. Also, Mahogany is strong and sturdy to withhold wine-aging for years. But Oak, especially white Oak is also popular.

If you are looking for credenzas, there are many affordable options. There are nicely decorated and handy credenzas made out of the finest American Oak. They have separate compartments for storing wine bottles with the integration of new storage technology. You will be able to store around 20-40 bottles depending on the size and dimension of your credenza. Some credenzas also incorporate the cooling system in their system which transforms it into a compressor cooled wine refrigerator. With the addition of a digital touch control screen, they can give you a luxurious feel. Some of them use transparent glass as the sliding door.

For wine enthusiasts, there is something called wine bistro tables made out of oak. It has a shape of a hollow barrel on the bottom where the bottles are stored. On top of it, there is a small coffee table. It comes in many sizes and designs. They usually come as a set with stools with the same design and finish.

There are many options for keeping your wine cool. Wine racks, large to medium wine coolers, electric cooling units, and digital wine management systems are available for you. With them, you can tweak the environment of your own wine cellar.

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