Fulfilling All Your Locksmith Needs

At WILLOW KEY MASTER Hoboken, NJ our goal is to provide top quality trusted service to all our clients as we grow to become the best Locksmith Company in NJ. Losing your keys or having to have your locks replaced is a stressful experience that requires a professionals touch. Having a reputed Locksmith company like WILLOW KEY MASTER ensures reliability and timely service at competitive rates.

Transponder & Keyless Entry: The Ideal Keys For Your Vehicle Locks

A transponder key uses a microchip that is connected to an onboard computer found in most vehicles. If someone inserts the wrong key or forces entry into a vehicle the key sends a signal to the computer that immobilizes the car preventing it from being driven. This security measure helps prevent car-theft and break-ins with the keyless entry system also providing convenient as it makes getting in and out of your car quick and easy. Our teams of automotive locksmiths are highly trained professionals that can repair and rekey transponder keyless entry systems should the need arise. Call Willow Key Master – Your Hoboken Locksmith services!
Transponder & Keyless Entry The Ideal Keys For Your Vehicle Locks

Installing High-Security Locks & Master Key Systems

The safety and security of your loved ones and your most prized possessions is paramount in today’s day and age. With increased reports of break-ins and burglaries all over North America installing high-security locks and master key systems on residential and commercial properties is always recommended. High-security digital door locks are harder to bypass as they often require more than just a pin code. Features such as fingerprint ID, ID scanner and facial recognition make controlling who enters and exits your property easier and more effective. Installing a Master Key Systems also allows business owners to unlock multiple locks with a single key which offers unparallel convenience. At WILLOW KEY MASTER our locksmith technicians are fully trained to install, repair and replace high-security locks and master key systems at residential and commercial properties in Hoboken NJ and surrounding areas.

Deadbolts, Padlocks & Safes

Deadbolts are amongst the most secure locks one can have on the front and back of their residential or commercial property. Deadbolts don’t have springs and can only be opened with a unique key making them resistant to forced-entry. High-quality padlocks can also withstand extreme resistance and provide added security preventing break-ins and unwarranted access. The Installation of a safe can help further secure your most prized possessions. Safes can be installed in many sizes and shapes with a choice of analog or digital lock systems. A concealed installation behind a screen, frame or cupboard offers greater safety and privacy. For more information on deadbolts, padlocks and safe installation, repair or replacement contact our team of experts today!

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services in Hoboken NJ

24 7 Emergency Locksmith Services in Hoboken NJ
At WILLOW KEY MASTER 24 hour locksmith Hoboken NJ ensuring that you are never left stranded or keyless is our ultimate priority. Our team of dedicated locksmiths work around the clock and on weekends to make sure that your safety, security and time is never compromised. Keeping your home, office and loved ones safe and secure is what we specialize in. Call us today for further information, estimates, and services. Our friendly 24/7 emergency locksmiths are always on hand to help out and get you out of those embarrassing and stressful situations.

Company Name: Willow Key Master
Address: Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 862-354-6113
Email: locksmith@24locksmithhobokennj.com
Website: 24locksmithhobokennj.com

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