From Winter to Spring, Preparing Your House for Seasonal Changes


Had enough of winter weather? Ready for the warmer days of spring? While there are still a few weeks until spring is fully here, make the time pass quickly by putting together a spring cleaning list!

Changes in season provide the perfect marker to get to those larger to-dos around the house that have accumulated during the winter. Additionally, warmer weather brings particular seasonal tasks to the fore. Here is a basic list that you can work off of and add to that will help you get started.

1. Store your down comforter and other down bedding.
Store your down comforter and other down bedding
Proper storage can help your down bedding last a long time. But mold and mildew can ruin it. Before putting your down bedding away, dry clean or hand wash your comforter in a bathtub. Avoid using a washing machine, or if you do, put it on a gentle cycle and use soft detergent. Once the washing cycle is done, transfer it to a dryer. Make sure the down is completely dry before storage. Drying down may take up 2 to 3 hours. Be patient. The last thing you want to do is store down that is still damp.Once fully dry, store down bedding in a cool dry place and avoid placing in plastic containers.

2. Fine tune your HVAC.
Fine tune your HVAC
If you used your heating and air conditioning system throughout the winter to keep yourself warm and toasty, now is the time for an HVAC tune-up. your ac repairman will thank you for spotting small problems before they become large ones. Before you use your HVAC to cool your house down for the summer, make sure it is in good shape by checking it for potential problems.

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3. Clean out your fireplace and chimney.
Clean out your fireplace and chimney
Soot buildup can cause a smoky and unpleasant fire experience. What is more, improper care of your fireplace and chimney is a fire hazard. Greeting warmer weather should not displace making sure you clean out your chimney and fireplace properly. Doing this now will make it easier for yourself at the end of the year when winter days return. Here is a simple checklist to help you know what to clean.

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4. Get your garden ready for planting season.
Get your garden ready for planting season
Winter days kept you inside. So your garden and lawn likely need some love. Dig out weeds and remove rubble that may have settled into your garden beds. This task might take a bit of rooting around but hunt down all vine weevil larvae, a white grub that lives off of plant roots. Also remove snails, slugs, and aphids to prepare your garden soil for planting season. Plot out what you want to begin planting and then order or purchase seeds and bulbs. Cultivate your soil by adding compost to your garden beds before you plant. Once all your other garden to-dos are complete, you can daydream about how lovely your garden will be in the summer.

5. Handle cold weather fallout.
home exterior
Colder days are harsh on wood and exteriors. The problem is not just the harshness of the cold, but that during colder days we spend less time outside, noticing and fixing things as issues arise. Now with days getting warmer, outdoor maintenance should be high on your list of priorities. Fix that creaky step, clean out rain gutters. Check the exterior of your house for loose or rotting boards. Look for cracks and chipped paint. Doing a small touch up job for peeling paint can limit the need for a larger paint job in a couple of months. Get out a ladder and inspect your roof. Check to see if there are any shingles that need replacing.

Working on and preparing your house for spring will help the days pass more quickly. Being patient is hard, but keeping busy will help the time pass until sunnier days return.

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