Four Things to Check to Ensure Your Property is Safe & Sound 


Ensure Your Property is Safe

Whether you’re planning for a trip abroad and will be leaving your property empty for weeks or even a month, or else you’re simply wanting to ensure that the bricks and mortar and everything contained within them is fully functioning, either way, you’ve clicked on the right article. Here are four important things to check to ensure your property is safe and sound. 

The Garden Shed & Fences 

Garden Shed & Fences

First and foremost, very often, conscious and sensible homeowners are more than on top of maintenance checklists inside their home, but are far from on top of maintenance when it comes to any outbuildings and perimeter fencing. 

Make sure that any beautifully old and stoic trees and large shrubs aren’t growing too close to the foundations of your property and that they’re not growing over into your neighbor’s garden or backyard. In addition, be sure to check the condition of the shed roof and that the locks on the front and back gates are secure. If necessary, consider scheduling tree and shrub removal services to ensure they are properly trimmed and do not pose a risk to the foundations or neighboring properties. Prioritizing maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of your property.

The Emergency Provisions

Not only should you always keep candles and matches in an accessible place in the kitchen or living room in case there’s an electrical power cut, but there are also a host of other emergency detectors and provisions that you should check are still fully functioning.

One of the most important examples of this is your smoke alarm; over 75% of all house fires that occurred in the United States between 2007 and 2011 were in properties that failed to have a working smoke alarm installed.

Other emergency provisions include a fully functioning carbon monoxide detector and, of course, a burglar alarm, with the latter ideally being installed on both the front and back of the property. 

The Pipes & Plumbing 

The Pipes & Plumbing

Especially in the colder winter months, a blockage in the pipes or too much debris in the guttering can not only cause you serious issues with both your hot and cold water supply but it can also lead to costly work being necessary in order to fix the problem. 

Reputable and renowned companies who offer hydro flushing and water jetting services in your local area will be more than happy to take a thorough look in and around your property’s plumbing system and offer you a competitive quote for any work that’s required. 

Furthermore, make sure you arrange for a thorough boiler service, especially before the winter weather sets in. 

The Insulation

The fourth and final major area of your property that you must always spend time and energy ensuring that it’s in proper working order is the insulation throughout the property.

Essentially, there are three key areas within your home that should be insulated; the exterior walls, the attic, and the roof, although between 5–10% of heat loss occurs through the flooring, underfloor insulation is also important. 

Make sure that each section of your home’s insulation isn’t damaged in any way, is installed properly, and has no gaps or breakages.

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