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Four Reasons You Should Not Look Further Than Sink Unblocker

We have all dealt with this problem ones in our lives: a blocked sink. Whether it’s a small hick-up or a big drain, a blocked sink is no fun. There are many ways to solve this problem, but by far the sink unblocker is the favorite option. Why? We will give you five reasons to love this product.

1. The alternatives

Maybe not the prettiest way to start, but the alternatives are not that attractive. Plunging would be an option, but then you need a plunger. Unclogging your sink with a plunger can also be intensive and take time. What if it only concerns a minor block? You could try to pour in hot water. This process typically needs to be repeated five times for it to solve the block. Who has time for that?
The alternatives

2. Ease of use

Sink unblocker is a very simple product. Simply pour in the substance and wait for an average of 30 minutes. Then, turn on the hot water and you are ready to go. Most of the products help with the average blocker. If you are dealing with a heavy block, you could consider getting one of the stronger unblockers.

3. A solution to every problem

Dealing with a heavy or a medium block? There are many products out there that can do the trick. For example, the brand HG is offering a broad range of sink unblocker. By finding the product that suits your need, you can easily get your block fixed.

4. Not harmful for the environment

This is an important element that puts us to rest. The products do not contain any chemical that cannot be processed by the water management systems. Hereby we do not pollute the water in our systems when using the blocker.
Not harmful for the environment

Not harmful for your kitchen as well

Another question that could arise concerns the pipes of your drain. Will the chemicals harm my (plastic) pipes? The products have been extensively tested and do not do any damage to the pipes.

Now you know that your next sink clog problem has a very simple solution. Select the product to your needs and pour it in. You can use a single bottle for multiple clogs, allowing you to keep it in stock at your house. This will save you a trip to the convenience store. Sink unblocker is typically a product that every household could use in their kitchen.

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