Four Reasons Why You Should Scan Your Old Photos

As human beings, pictures are some of the most effective ways to immortalize our memories. We love taking pictures, and that’s why brands like Apple have made it their goal to give us smartphones with clear cameras. Thanks to new technology, you can have all your pictures in one place, even if they are printed and in hard copy – you simply scan them.

If you haven’t already started scanning your pictures, here are four reasons that might change your mind.

To preserve your memories

Photos deteriorate over time, whether you like it or not. Here’s a little experiment to show you just how severe photo deterioration can be over time. Dig up a picture you took at least a decade ago and look at it. The chances are that its color looks different. The sky looks a little browner, and your skin tone is a little darker. You’ll agree that that’s not the way things looked back then.
To preserve your memories

The deterioration is only going to grow worse the longer the pictures stay. In the past, there was nothing we could do about this process. You just show the pictures to your kids, and hope they don’t ask why your skin appears to be a different color.

But then, these days, all you really need is a photo scanner. You can immortalize your images and protect them from any form of deterioration. If you look up the digital copies of your pictures a century from now, they’ll look exactly the same.

It’s more convenient.

Photo albums are fun to dig out and show guests when they visit. However, you have to admit that they tend to get annoying after a while. They suddenly become these heavy books that you have to move on and off the shelf when someone wants to see what you used to look like. Wouldn’t you rather just show them a slideshow on your iPad?

Scanning your photos helps you avoid the hassle of storing and preserving old and dusty photo albums. It’s only a matter of time before your guests start looking at you funnily for bringing them a photo album in a digital age.

To organize them

Speaking of photo albums, have you ever wanted to show someone a picture only to remember that it’s in the other photo album? Unfortunately, you can’t remember where that one is because your last guests forgot to replace it on the shelf. Scanning your photos makes them easy to store and easier to retrieve. All you have to do is to name them properly when scanning. The rest is as simple as searching for the picture when you need it.
To organize them

You can do more with scanned photos.

If we’re being honest, you’re probably going to scan your photos sooner or later. One of the best ways to celebrate important milestones like birthdays and anniversaries is to make a slideshow. As cliché as it may sound, a slideshow can take all its viewers down memory lane.

It’s times like those that people usually warm up to the idea of scanning their photos. Unfortunately, it may already be late. The photos might have deteriorated to the point that the color difference is conspicuous. It’s always better to get a jump on things like scanning your photos.

Once you’re ready to start scanning your photos, check out savantmag’s best photo scanner list. There, you’ll find a long list of various kinds of photo scanners. You’re bound to find one that’s suitable for your pictures, even if they’ve lost virtually all of their color.

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