Forget Sleepless Nights with Revolutionary Elegear’s Arc-Chill Cooling Comforter


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A good night’s sleep is the best treatment you can get. But if you’re one of those hot sleepers who can’t fall asleep easily, your life is tough! But no need to stay worried. Elegear brings you a revolutionay cooling comforter that will take away all your sleep issues! No, we’re not kidding! Most comforters are made with the purpose of providing warmth and weight so you can relax and fall asleep easily. But for hot sleepers, these comforters mean long, sleepless nights. So, Elegear brings you a comforter that does the exact opposite. Instead of giving warmth, it absorbs excess sweat and moisture and reduces your body temperature so that you can fall asleep faster and longer. What a revolutionary idea, right! Here’s all you need to know about this revolutionay cooling comorter.

Arc-Chill Cooling Technology

Made with Japanese Q-Max 0.5 Arc-Chill cooling fabrics, this comforter is the perfect solution to feeling hot and sweaty in bed. Its arc-chill fibers with PE super cool feeling factor quickly absorbs body heat. Made with 7-hole fibers, this fabric offers 7 times more moisture-wicking and breathability than other fabrics. This means it absorbs body heat quickly and instantly reduces the body temperature by 2-5°C. So, no more hot and sweaty nights. With this lightweight comforter you can truly relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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Two-Way Comfort Design

While one side of this cooling comforter is made to keep you cool and relaxed, the other side offers warmth if you need some in those extra cool nights. Made with arc-chill cooling fabric, one side of this blankets provides excellent cooling sensation. It is perfect for use in hot summer nights. However, the other side is made with extra soft washed cotton which has really good moisture-wicking and breathability. It allows your skin to breathe freely even in fall and autumn. You can use either side for a comfortable night’s sllep all year round.

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Multi-needle V-Tack Quilting

Elegear’s arc-chill cooling comforter also features a unique multi-needle v-tack quilting technique which helps the comforter to fit your body curve perfectly like a gentle hug. Multi-needle v-tck quiling technique means the comforter has meticulous stitches distirbuted evenly all over the blanket. This provides precise and complete coverage and prevents the filling from forming clumps or shifting. It also ensures the seams are properly knitted and do not open easily. This feature makes your blanket last longer and peform better than other comforters.

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Easy Care and Maintenance

This low-maintenance blanket is easy to wash, dry, and maintain. Its multi-needle v-tack quilting makes it safe for machine wash as it won’t form clumps or open up at the seams easily. Just make sure to put it in a laundry net bag to avoid entanglement. Multi-needle quilting also protects the comforter from fading, piling, or shrinking easily. So, you can easily wash it in a machine without any damage. However, it is advised to not put it in a dryer. Let it dry naturally to make it more durable.

Exceptional Skincare while Sleeping

Another amazing feature of this comforter is its moisture retention capability. This down blanket is infused with the finest jade masterbatch which has active mineral elements. This jade masterbatch can effectively lock in moisture to keep your skin hydrated ans supple all through the night. So, as much as you sleep in this comforter, your skin will remain hydrated and fresh.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, get your beauty sleep booked. You can buy elegear’s cooling comforter from most online stores and get flat discounts with the discount code: 10%OFF  SRK6PVHD  expiry date:  2028-04-17. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for the body. Being a hot sleeper should not take away this pleasure. Elegear’s arc-chill cooling comforter aims to give you more restful and cozy nights.

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