Flower Box—- A New Road Landscape

In the past, urban roads were isolated by road fence, and the design of the road fences was monotonous. Now, many cities use road fence with flower box and planter box, which not only provide isolation, but also beautify the road. Road fence with flower boxes are an important part of the city’s landscaping. The combination of the flower box and the flower has its own effect that displaying its unique beauty.

There are many flower boxes on the market, such as wood flower boxes, plastic flower boxes, aluminum flower boxes, etc.

Wooden flower boxes generally have a service life of only two to three years, and some even have a service life of only one year. Wooden flower box is more suitable for household use, it is more common, but for outdoor environment, especially in outdoor wind and rain, it is easy to break, burst or break, and the external paint is easy to fall, which affects the appearance.
plastic wood flower box

The plastic wood flower box material is relatively brittle and light, and the service life is about 5 years. It also needs regular maintenance at the later stage. Because the paint layer on the surface of the flower box is easy to fall, it needs to be repainted.

The service life of aluminum flower boxes can reach more than 20 years. The aluminum alloy flower box adopts high-strength extruded aluminum profiles and adopts thermal transfer technology to improve the quality of the flower box products. If you spend the same money and want to use the outdoor flower box for many years, the aluminum flower box is more suitable.

  1. The aluminum flower box has a long service life, 20 years of use, durable and sturdy, and can be recycled and placed outdoors without maintenance.
  2. The surface of the aluminum alloy can be anodized, powder coated and wood grain powder coated. Timber look is the most popular one. Its texture is realistic and will not fall off. The colors are harmonious with the natural environment. Many kinds of wood grain colors of aluminum flower box can be chosen and custom made.
  3. The aluminum flower box is easy to assemble and safe to transport, saving manpower and material resources.
  4. Aluminum alloy has strong plasticity, high strength, good process-ability, and can be used in many colors and can be recycled.
  5. The aluminum alloy material is not cracked, does not swell, and does not deform. waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof and termite-proof. Aluminum alloys still have good strength in low temperature environments, are not prone to cracks, and have good stability.

aluminum flower boxes
The method of distinguishing the quality of aluminum flower boxes, in addition to the process, it also depends on the aluminum alloy flower box raw materials – extrude aluminum profiles. Must pay attention to the quality of aluminum profiles, aluminum profiles directly affect the service life of aluminum alloy flower boxes, high-quality aluminum production of aluminum alloy flower boxes anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, can be used for 20 years.

How to distinguish good aluminum profiles?

How to distinguish good aluminum profiles

  1. Surface finish: The decorative surface should be smooth and uniform, and no wrinkles, flow marks, bubbling, cracks, stickiness, etc. are affected.
  2. Color: the color of the same aluminum alloy profile should be consistent, if the color difference is obvious, it is not suitable for purchase.
  3. Flatness: check the surface of the aluminum alloy profile. The aluminum profiles processed by regular manufacturers have a smooth surface, bright, no dents or bulges.

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