Floor Mat Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

At UK Mats, they’re one of the biggest providers of specialist mats in the UK. When operating their full service, the 20 000 sq. ft factory supplies around 20 000 mats a week across the country. The high-quality mats they provide offer great benefits for businesses across a range of industries.

This includes gyms and leisure centres, as well as industrial factories and white-collar businesses. They have a stock of thousands of mats ready to order 24/7. As well as mats, they also offer expert mat cleaning services.

Guest and staff’s shoe soles track a lot of bacteria and debris from outside across the floor of a building. This means high traffic areas can need cleaning quickly because of all the dirt that is brought in on people’s shoes. This creates a health and safety hazard as well as making a business look less professional. Floor mats can also be useful in other high-traffic areas such as supermarkets or public transport.

UK Mats mat washing service will decrease the risk of spreading germs in your building. Their washing service will decrease the risk of spreading dirt and waste in your building. They ensure their mat cleaning service is effective by washing mats in specialist detergent and 60ºC water. During standard services, they wash up to 20,000 mats a week.

There are a variety of different types of mats available. All have unique benefits, styles, and designs. Some will need specialist cleaning methods, including high or low-temperature washes and the type of cleaning product necessary. Different mats will also need cleaning more often than others. From logo and coir mats to industrial and leisure centre mats.

In this infographic below, UK Mats explains and explores some of the most popular mat options and how to clean them. You don’t need to be an expert in mats to be able to clean them. This guide includes the best detergents and equipment you need to keep your high-quality mats spic and span.

To find out more or to purchase a floor mat for your home or business, get in contact with UK Mats today.

mat cleaning and maintenance infographic – UK Mats

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