Flannel Sheets Canada: How To Layer Bedding for Fall



Fall is fast approaching, and as it gets cooler and the air becomes crisper, you’ll want to feel nice and cozy when you get under the covers. Instead of a standard approach to making the bed, learn how to layer your bedding using the best flannel sheets Canada has to offer. You’ll feel more comfortable with this cozy solution.

What Is Flannel?

Put simply, flannel is the name we give to woven fabric characterized by a soft feeling. It typically comes from cotton, and gets its soft feel from the way manufacturers weave the material and how they brush the cotton or wool (or synthetic material, in the case of non-organic fibers).

People prize flannel because it is so soft to the touch while being relatively light in weight as it keeps you nice and warm during the cold seasons. Indeed, because flannel is such a pleasant and breathable material, it’s the choice of many individuals who want to not only beautify their bedroom but also make it warmer and more comfortable.

About Layered Bedding

Don’t I just need a basic sheet and blanket for bedtime? Well, if you are only interested in a utilitarian, spartan lifestyle, of course you could go with the bare minimum. But why not get the most out of bedtime and make your sleeping arrangements cozier as well as more pleasant to look at? That’s where layering can make a big difference.

Of course, you’ll begin with a set of flannel sheets. You may select a solid color or a design such as plaid or stripes.

Then, a nice blanket that is warm and fuzzy will provide the main heating for your bed setup. Ideally, you will find a blanket that is reversible, so you have two options for color. For example, you might flip the blanket from fall into winter.

Don’t forget a stylish duvet! Leave it at the foot of your bed. If you’re not relying on the duvet for extra warmth every single night, you can keep it in place but folded over, so it’s more of a decoration keeping your toes nice and toasty. And no duvet would be worthy of its place in your bedroom without a nice flannel duvet cover also made of cotton to bring added texture and eye appeal to the mix.

One fun way to make the bed look unique is by mixing colors. For example, you could use neutral pillows with navy sheets or have plaid pillows and solid sheets for the design.

Sourcing Counts!

When it comes to something as intimate as your bedsheets, it’s crucial to rely on soft, clean fabrics that support your desire to protect the earth’s precious resources.

This is why so many individuals prefer that their flannel sheet set is made strictly from organic materials. In fact, for the best flannel sheets Canada has to offer, you can’t beat those made with certified organic fibers.


You Spend About One-Third of Your Life in Bed. Make the Most of Dreamtime With Layered Flannel Bedding

The bedroom is no place to skimp on quality. It’s best to find well-made bedding from a reputable manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry. That way, you’ll be assured of many years of restful sleep with the most comfortable fabric to help ease you into dreamtime.

With all the work that you do each day, you deserve to relax in comfort and style at night. Making your bedroom a warm and inviting oasis is easier when you pay attention to the quality of the sheets you put down. And for best results during the fall, when the temperature is starting to plummet, those in the know will emphasize using flannel bedding. Your bedroom will become even cozier when you learn how to layer the bedding.

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