Add Rustic Charm To Any Home
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Five Ways To Add Rustic Charm To Any Home

Perhaps your dream house is a rustic style or farmhouse home. But your reality is that your current living space is a condo, mid-century modern, or a split level. This home may not be your final destination, but you can add rustic design elements to any home to get you the ambiance you crave.

Done correctly, you can incorporate rustic design touches to your home and have it blend together quite nicely. The key is to know how to combine the two to create a unique rustic look.

Here are some tips for creating rustic charm in any home.

1. Update your light fixtures

Swapping out light fixtures is a change that can be made in every room. The key is to change your current ones, for those that evoke rustic charm. You might even want to put a modern spin on that rustic charm, too.

Instead of opting for a rustic styled, black metal chandelier in the dining room, consider a stainless-steel light fixture. You could even use a copper chandelier. Black wrought iron is rustic style, but steel and copper are the updated versions and will complement a more modern home. Adding a dramatic stainless steel or copper chandelier in your entryway or dining room is sure to be a statement piece.

2. Change your window treatments

Update your light fixtures

This is another area that can be changed up in any room that has windows. It does not matter if you have small windows, a single window or a wall of windows, adding new window treatments will elevate your style to the rustic design.

In this case, add hardware well over the top of the window. You can then add sheer or natural color curtains that fall from ceiling to floor. Allow material to pool on the floor to create a room that has added height and a touch of rustic.

3. Pile on rugs

No matter what type of floor your home has, you can add rugs to give it a rustic touch.

The rustic style sees rugs that are layered. This gives texture to the room. To create this look in your space, simply choose two or more rugs of varying sizes, textures, and shapes. Then you simply place the largest one first and add the rest on top. The beauty of layering rugs in any home is that you still get a rustic feel even though you can choose rug colors and patterns that complement your current home.

4. Baskets galore

Baskets are a staple in rustic design style. The advantage of using them is that they are great for storage and can be used with just about any style of home.

Wooden baskets are traditionally used with rustic style. If your current home is more modern, consider using wire baskets. You can use baskets in every room. They are perfect for storing remote controls and charging devices. Larger baskets can hold extra blankets or towels. You will have unlimited possibilities with baskets.

5. Reclaimed wood

Baskets galore

A staple of any rustic design style is reclaimed wood. You can use reclaimed wood to design tables, chairs, or storage shelves.

A distressed coffee table can pair well with a leather sofa. Distressed wood also blends effortlessly with industrial or minimalist light fixtures. The point is, reclaimed wood is a versatile design element. Do not be afraid to use it.

Bonus tip

If your home does not have a fireplace, add one. Nothing says rustic charm like a cozy fire.

You can purchase an electric or gas fireplace to make adding one even easier. The advantage here is that you can get a fireplace that matches the tone of the room. It is not necessary to have a brick surround fireplace to get some rustic charm.

Key Points

Rustic charm does not mean you need a rambling farmhouse with a front porch. Any house can add in bits of rustic design style.

You can take a key element of rustic design style and give it a modern twist. This can be as easy as changing black metal for copper or wire baskets instead of wooden ones.

Be sure to incorporate some of the same principles, such as layers rugs and bed linens. This creates depth and warmth to your room.

Final thoughts

Rustic charm adds a certain sense of warmth and coziness to a home. The best way to achieve this in any house is with one or two changes.

Remember, your home should reflect your personality, and it is ok to bend the rules. The only “must” with house design is that you should look forward to returning to your home at the end of the day.

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