Five Tips to Get Rid of Slippery Floors


Get Rid of Slippery Floors1

Slippery floors in your home can cause slip-and-fall accidents, leading to personal injuries that might even require a visit to the emergency room. Modern floors, such as luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank make your floor look spectacular and clean easily. However, the top surface of such floors are smooth and slippery. 

Risk for slip-and-fall accidents increases after cleaning, which leaves behind traces of water and cleaning products. You need to practice precautionary measures to avoid slipping accidents. This page has a few tips you can practice to make your home floors safer.  

Dangers of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

The injuries sustained from a slip-and-fall accident can vary from minor cuts, bruises, and sprains, to serious injuries, such as broken bones, dislocated joints, and traumatic brain injuries. Such devastating injuries can result in a legal tussle when visitors hurt themselves after falling in your home. 

Should you find yourself in such a situation, legal counsel from Halperin Law Center can help you reach a middle ground with the victim. You don’t have to wait for things to escalate to such levels. By following the tips listed below, you can reduce the chances of slipping and falling in your home.

Here are a few practices which guarantee that your floor has enough traction to prevent slipping.

Doing Away with Slippery Floors

1. Clean with Recommended Products

Cleaning floors demands the right products for each floor type. For example, wooden floors require cleaning with gentle cleaning products in order to prevent damage to the surface finish. Water based cleaning products lack emulsification capabilities, which means they leave oils and grease on the floor. 

Products containing wax and oil make your floor surface lustrous but also make the floor slippery. When picking cleaning products, go for the ones with a “slip resistant” marker. Cleaning with such products leaves behind a sparkling dry floor and reduces the chance of slipping when walking.

2. Vinegar Does Wonders

If you were cleaning with the wrong products before landing on this article, don’t be alarmed, because there is a way to remove wax and grease residue on your floors. Vinegar solution mixed with warm water in the ratio of 1:2 is all you need to make your floors slip-proof. Remember to finish cleaning with a final pass using a dry cloth after cleaning with vinegar.

Get Rid of Slippery Floors2

3.Use Absorbent Mats on Wet Floors

Floors in some areas in your house like the kitchen and bathroom have to get wet. Your only option to prevent slips in those rooms is placing absorbent mats at the entrance. Remind your family members and guests to wipe their feet when leaving the kitchen or bathroom to prevent transfer of the spilled water to other rooms.

4. Anti-Slip Coverings

You most likely kick off your shoes and keep the socks on when spending time indoors. When walking with socks covering your feet, you have a higher chance of slipping and falling. Anti-slip mats and covers can help you remain upright when walking in the house with socks on your feet. You can place the mats on the staircase steps, near doorsteps, and close to where people sit.

5. Anti-Skid Floor Treatment

Another alternative for extra protection against slips involves treating your floors with anti-skid coating like what senior living facilities do. Hardware stores stock anti-slip treatments for different floor types, so be sure to check which one should be used on the type of floor you have at home.

Make Your Home Safer

Slip-proofing your floors is the first step toward making your home safer. Implementing the tips in the sections above allows you to rest easy knowing that your family members and guests are safe from slipping and falling. Don’t wait until someone gets hurt to start implementing them!

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