Five Simple Ways To Find Hidden Water Leaks


Hidden Water Leaks

Water leaks in the home result in damage and high-water bills. When consumers suspect a leak somewhere below are five simple ways to find the leak and have it repaired. Water leak services Dallas repair all indoor and outdoor water leaks.

Start By Checking the Water Meter

Start by checking the water meter, by turning off all the water in your home. Shut off all faucets inside and out, and make sure no appliances are running. Look carefully at the meter indicator dials often a triangular shaped dial or a small silver dial that spins. When these meters move after turning off the water it means there is a fast or slow water leak.
Start By Checking the Water Meter
When there is no movement wit the dials leave the water turned off and take a meter reading. Leave the water off for a few hours and check it again. Take another meter reading and if it changed this indicates a slow leak. The leak may be underground where you cannot see it. In an average home, using more than 12,000 gallons per month means a leak in pipes somewhere. To further enhance your leak detection capabilities and monitor your water usage, consider installing a Bluebot device in your home.

Check the Cost On The Monthly Water Bill

When your water usage stays the same but the bill goes up suddenly this signals a water leak. Look over bills from previous months to see if there is a steady increase in water usage. Underground pipes leak and leaks are hard to detect as you cannot see them. The sound of running water and an increase in the bill means that a professional plumber should check all the pipes.

Check Both Faucets and Toilets

Check all faucets inside and out for leaks after the nozzles are turned off. This can be caused by worn washers, and they can be easily changed. You will have to turn off the main water before doing this. To test your toilet, add some food coloring to the tank after removing the lid. Wait 30 to 45 minutes to see if any color leaks into the water in the toilet bowl.

Color in the bowl means the toilet has a leak and the flapper need to be replaced. If the toilet handle does not flush well it may mean you need a new handle to replace the old one.

Outdoor and Underground Leaks

Check outdoors for leaks when you have hoses and sprinkler systems. Outdoor plumbing can cost money when it leaks. Signs you have an outdoor leak are wet spots in the yard that doesn’t dry or puddles of water that seem out of place for the weather. Underground plumbing, sprinklers, and pipes require a plumber for a repair.
Outdoor and Underground Leaks

Overflow Tubes and Other Water Leaks

Your toilet tank has a fill line that the water level should be even with. It should be about 1/2 inch below the overflow tube. When it hits or covers this tube it has a leak. This can be adjusted by turning the screw or adjusting the float arm. Sometimes a plumber is needed to repair this problem. Water leak detection is a professional plumbing service that repairs all types of water leaks.

Look for signs of water leaks by looking for stains on the ceiling, floors, and woodwork. Condensation on pipes can mean a water leak and professional pipe insulation can resolve the problem. Check for parts of your property that always seem wet and do not dry properly.

Contact water leak detection doral for all indoor and outdoor water leak problems. Our staff is trained to deal with complex indoor and outdoor water leaks.

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