Five Incredible Ideas For Floor Painting


Floor Painting 1

The floor gets noticed easily when you enter somewhere. When it becomes old or faded, you may need to fix them, and for fixing purposes, you can use epoxy floor paint. However, it can be a daunting task to change the floor. So usually people use floor paint to give a new and fine look to their home or office premises floor. Floor paint protects your surface from several bacteria and provides good hygiene. 

When you hire a professional painter, he will paint your home or office premises floor, and the floor will become extra smooth. Smooth floors can be easily cleaned. Not only does it provides you with excellent service but also it has amazing patterns available. Here are some patterns are given below: 

  • Newspaper Print

Newspaper print is something different from floor painting. It is also known as lettered flooring. This floor painting idea is unique and will make you feel of space. You can purchase this type of flooring and try polishing it. DIYers most use newspaper print patterns. DIYers use it to create an inspirational and aesthetic look. Some YouTubers also give reviews of this newspaper flooring print pattern. 

Floor Painting 2

  • Chess Board Floor

The chessboard floor pattern is most used in the drawing area of a house. Mostly in traditional games points because it gives a gaming feel. The chessboard floor is also known as the Checkerboard floor. You can give your living or drawing area a bold look by creating a dark black and off-white block floor painting. You can match the interior with the floor by putting a baby pink couch on it to give a classy look. 

  • Delusion Of Water

If you want to give your premises an astonishing makeover, the delusion of water pattern is the best. This pattern is mostly used in luxury hotels, grand posh bungalows, and restaurants with swimming pool areas. The delusion of water gives the feel of water. It is very shiny and attractive. 

It also has an anti-slippery coating on it so that you don’t slip on it. You can contrast this type of pattern for your basement area. The floor painting patterns help you to keep the floor neat.    


If you are thinking of makeover your premises, you can check these patterns to create a new look for your floor. Also, you can consider epoxy floor paint for the best quality and best services.  

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