Five Benefits Of A Standalone Bathtub

Standalone bathtubs are a unique and impressive addition to your home. But are they worth it? Here are five benefits of freestanding baths to help you decide.

Comfortable and Endless Designs

Freestanding baths are not restricted by the size of your shower nor the shape of a conventional shower — you can choose a style that fits your bathroom and your body perfectly. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of the popular freestanding styles. 

Corner Bathtubs

A corner bath is exactly what the name implies — a bathtub that is shaped to the corner of your bathroom. They’re amazing for space efficiency and are large enough to comfortably accommodate one or two people.

When you think of a corner tub, you should think of a long and luxurious soak (jacuzzi features optional, but recommended) where you can spread out and just enjoy the serenity of the warm water. 

Modern white bathroom interior with jaccusi

Clawfoot Tubs

Perhaps some of the most iconic looking baths, clawfoot tubs stand off the ground on four handsomely carved feet. Authentic clawfoot tubs are always made of cast iron or porcelain, but their designs have since been updated and modernized to fit the traditional home. This means they’re lighter in weight, more efficient, and more versatile in style. They’re also beautiful and are easily the staple design piece of any bathroom.

Clawfoot Tubs

Luxurious Looks

Nothing says “this house has class” more than a standalone tub. They give off a luxurious feel to any bathroom. The material you choose also changes the aesthetic of the room. For example, a deep bronze or an authentic clawfoot tub naturally looks more regal, while a spotless white pedestal tub feels like you walked into a spa. 

No matter what design you choose, you have the ability to make your bathroom look and feel exactly how you want it. A freestanding tub gives you that freedom without locking you into a shower or restricting your choice based on your backsplash tile.

They’re All Easy To Install

Freestanding bathtubs make installation a breeze. Though reputable plumbers are easily able to hook up a shower/tub combo, a standalone tub is just easier. There is only one faucet and one drain, after all. 

With a standalone tube too, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right backsplash/wall surrounds, the right shower base, or the right curtain/glass to keep the water in the shower and off your walls and floor either. It’s as simple as picking your favorite style, picking a spot out for it in the bathroom, and letting the plumber go to work. 

Placement Possibilities are Endless

When it comes to picking out a spot for it in the bathroom, the possibilities are almost endless. You can choose to put it in the corner, in between your sinks to separate the two counters for a bold look, or feature it in the middle of the room (if you have the space, of course). 

Picture this: you’re in your bathroom with a beautiful window and just underneath it? A freestanding clawfoot bath. You can watch the night sky as you soak, read a book under the soft sunset, or greet the morning birds as you wake up at your own pace. This could be your reality with a standalone bath.

Porcelain freestanding bath in designed white bathroom 

Increases Resale Value

A standalone bath is one of the most important bathroom features because it can potentially increase the resale value of your home. Why? Because it put an exclamation point in an otherwise standard-use room. A standalone tub is the equivalent of a granite island in your kitchen —  it just adds a wow factor that other homes don’t have. 

Not to mention that most high-end homes have freestanding tubs built in. Just having one in your home helps elevate the future buyers’ perspectives of what your home truly is: a work of art. 

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