Fireplace Tools Buying Guide


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The right fireplace accessories are essential for keeping your fire going for extended periods while beautifying your fireplace. A wide range of fireplace tool sets is available from trusted online vendors, all of which are built of high-quality materials that will not only last for many years but also guarantee safety when using your wood-burning fireplace or wood stove. 

Choosing the best fireplace tool set is crucial because of its significance in the upkeep and maintenance of a fireplace. Making the appropriate choice for your circumstance will be aided by taking the following things into account.

Establishing Your Budget

The cost of fireplace tool sets varies according to size, style, material, and finish. Use the price ranges to decide how much you want to spend on an accessory such as Fire poker. You may be sure to locate the ideal fireplace toolkit to suit your requirements and financial budget.

Choosing the Number of Tools and Right Size

The size of your fireplace should be considered when choosing a fireplace tool set; more extensive tools work well with more enormous fireplaces, while smaller sets are explicitly made for smaller fireplaces and wood stoves. The kind of fireplace equipment you need is the next thing to consider. 

The majority of fireplace tool sets are four- and five-piece sets. A typical tool set often consists of a stand to hold the tools, a poker for feeding the fire, a pair of tongs for lifting burning logs, a hand brush and shovel for clearing up ashes, and a pair of tongs for lifting burning logs. The broom hangs from a hook on the rear to protect its bristles, while the shovel, poker, and tongs may all stand inside the stand.

Choosing a Style and Material

After selecting the proper size range, you must choose the style, material, and finish that best meets your demands. To withstand heat, most fireplace implements are composed of steel or wrought iron.. A lot of them are only painted with heat-resistant black paint. You want your fireplace tool set to match the design and finish of your fireplace screen and room décor, whether your taste is conventional or contemporary.

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Adjustability of the Fireplace Tools

Some sets are adjustable, while many are made with short, medium, and long-handled tools for convenience. This can be seen in a two-handle poker set, which separates into three tools that can be used separately or together, depending on your needs.

Rake heads must be robust and long-lasting. If not, they could bend or distort, rendering them unusable for your purposes. Instead, seek fireplace tools made of wrought iron with cast iron or antler tines.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose fireplace toolkit, you might want to think about one with add-ons you can utilize as needed. For instance, it would be good to include a shovel for moving logs and poker or brush to finish your fireplace session.

How To Store Your Set Of Fireplace Tools

A set of well-made fireplace equipment should last you for many years while carefully stored when not in use. A good rule of thumb is to store the fireplace tool set if it can fit in a drawer or cabinet where it won’t be harmed by being knocked around. If you cannot do so and must instead spread them out on a side table, cover them to keep off dust and dirt.

Cover your hands by donning gloves when choosing and using the fireplace tool set. If you have dry skin, a leather glove is an excellent option because it will help shield it from the heat. Apply a thick layer of hand lotions to your hands and arms if you choose not to wear gloves when using the fireplace tool set like Fire poker to protect your skin.

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