Finding the Perfect Apartment for Rent? How to Choose the Best Option


Finding the Perfect Apartment 2

Today, more and more people are running away from home purchases and opting for rentals. Renting is much more affordable, but it’s also more flexible, especially for younger people who want to travel, move around and follow their careers. So if you’re in the process of finding a perfect apartment for rent today, we know how much trouble you’re going through, but with these tips, you can expect success in no time. 

Set the right budget

In today’s economy, most people’s first criterion is the budget. This is very important, especially if you’re unsure of your future financial situation. Make sure to look for apartments within your means and have at least two or three rents to cover in case your finances change—you don’t want to lose your apartment while you’re in between jobs. 

Finding the Perfect Apartment 2

How long do you want to stay?

Due to high property prices and the tendency of modern renters to be free of any permanent ties, renting for longer has never been more popular. This is a global occurrence especially popular in big business centers where younger professionals choose to rent long-term instead of buying property. Today, it’s possible to find long-term properties perfect for renters who want to have more stable housing for affordable prices. In many cases, long-term renters can get better prices and more flexibility. On the other hand, if you just need something temporary before moving, it’s a great idea to opt for service apartments since they are small, affordable and perfect for active people. 

Check the location

When renting, the location of the property is very important because it can truly make a difference between a perfect apartment and something that doesn’t fit your needs. Ideally, the unit you rent should be close to your place of work or education, with practical parking or public transport options in the area. In big cities like Melbourne, it’s easy to find amazing accommodation in business districts. Renting apartments in Melbourne CBD can be a true pleasure because you’ll be right in the middle of all the action. These units are close to all amenities a young person might require for a fun, comfortable and effective life. 

Look for the right amenities

Don’t get swayed by the price or location and miss the fact that your apartment doesn’t come with certain necessary amenities. Not all apartments come fully furnished, especially in Asian countries where many apartments come completely empty, with no amenities whatsoever. When looking for rentals online or talking with the landlord over the phone, make sure to confirm whether the space is furnished or not. If you have pets, make sure they are allowed (they usually are in many places in Australia) and whether you need to pay extra for your furry friends. 

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Inspect the place

This is probably the most important thing to do before you sign your lease. Make sure to leave plenty of time for a thorough inspection of the place, looking for signs of moss, leaks, exposed wiring, insulation faults and other issues with household items. Those looking for a place in the basement should be especially wary of any moisture issues and leaks. Damp patches can easily spread upwards and even tell you that you’re messing with some underground waters, lack of insulation or faults in the foundation. In case you notice any apartment issues, you can try to use them to bring down the rent but also know what kind of issues to expect in the future. 

If the place has an attic, ask to check it out. Look for any signs of insulation because the lack of it can make your wallet suffer as soon as the first winter winds start blowing. Take your time to try out all the wall outlets and appliances as well. Loose sockets are an easy fix, but if you notice subpar insulation, the property can quickly become a money pit. Even if you pay for a professional inspection, it will still pay off in the future, especially if you’re planning to stay in one place for a long time. 

Be flexible

Make sure to list all your priorities and be flexible with the rest. If your priority is good nightlife, closeness to work, or the safety of the apartment, you might forget all about the size, the cost and the amenities. It’s silly to expect that you’ll find an apartment that’s 100% perfect, so make sure to let go of some little things. In the long run, you’ll learn how to live without them or go around certain faults. 

It’s not easy finding a good apartment for rent today, especially with the rising costs and inflation. However, if you start your search in time and take your time to inspect every apartment carefully, you’ll find something that fits all your most important needs. Some locations are more prolific and some struggle with rental housing, but they all have pros and cons, so stay dedicated and you’ll end up with just the right apartment for your needs. 

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