Finding a Beautiful Table Lamp for Your Luxury Home

Choosing a luxury table lamp that is right for you can be a difficult task. It is a feat that requires you to take into consideration functionality, design, shape, and size. If you don’t know what you’re looking for or the differences in style, it will likely be challenging to find your dream lamp.

As time moves forward, new styles of lamps come and go and can be used as a part of different aesthetics. Right now, modern design and architecture are in, so many new types of modernist lamps are being developed.

To make the process of choosing a lamp easier, here is a survey of a few historically prominent styles of luxury table lamps, paired with short descriptions:

Chinoiserie Table Lamps

Chinoiserie Table Lamps

Chinoiserie table lamps have a unique history and design. They originated in France and use themes from European art, yet they take on the design style of classical China. Chinoiserie became popular primarily in the 18th century, and the style was used in a wide range of architecture, furniture, and art.

These are highlight pieces and can add depth and a narrative to a space that doesn’t have a lot of patterning.

Column Lamps

Column lamps are incredibly modern and minimalist. As the name implies, the body of the lamp is a straight column. It can come in a variety of colors and goes well when complemented by other modernist elements. They also can effectively stretch space in height, as their form reaches up toward the ceiling.

Because column lamps are relatively modern, new styles of column lamps are still being developed. Some use geometric shapes to look sharp and dynamic. Others utilize more classical attributes, like ancient Greek columns, and successfully meld multiple eras through design.

Mercury Table Lamps

Mercury Table Lamps
Mercury table lamps utilize mercury glass to build the body of the lamp. This is done through a process of liquid silvering, which then is pressed between the outer and inner layers of glass. These are usually either one color or a mesh of two colors and are great when trying to open up a living room or foyer space.

Rustic Table Lamps

Rustic table lamps are made to replicate the rural aesthetic of the past. These lamps are typically simplistic, and use earthy materials like wood or stone. They can help build up a bit of a farmhouse aesthetic, if that’s what you’re looking for, or can be used to bring out other natural features of a space. They are also great in vacations homes, whether it is a cabin or lodge, and can mimic an aesthetic that is so frequently considered an aesthetic of past times.

Crystal Table Lamps

Crystal Table Lamps
Crystal table lamps are one of the most traditional and classical styles. They can be used in a variety of rooms, from living rooms to bedrooms to offices. The crystal of the lamp also picks up and reflects light in a way that can help spread natural light and make the room seem more spacious. Crystal, as well, goes with almost anything and can be effectively used to upgrade a room.

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