Fifteen Air-Purifying Plants to Transform Your Bedroom Essence


Air-Purifying Plants

Bedrooms act as a crucial sanctuary to almost everyone, and as a result, prove one of the most important rooms in a household. It therefore follows as no shocker to find people checking the My Custom Essay for professional decor writers. Well, who would not?  You tend to spend the most time in this room every day.

So what better way to spruce up your most favorite room than with live air-purifying plants? Plants will assist you to relax before you sleep, and this comes beside another crucial function of purifying the air. Plants like Snake plants and Dracaena justify this assertion based on NASA’s scientific evidence by removing toxins and enhancing the general quality of the air. Interested to find out what plants can best suit your bedroom as functional decorations? 

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Air-Purifying Plants to Transform Your Bedroom’s Essence

  • Snake Plant. The plant, which also gets referred to as Sansevieria, has foliage in the shape of vertical swords that prove aesthetically pleasing, especially in a bedroom setup. It proves a favorite houseplant spanning decades because of its little water and light requirements.  
  • Pothos. The plant proves hardy, with vines, and has leaves that come variegated and glossy to compliment your hanging planters, dressers, or shelves. It tolerates low levels of light though perform best in moderate light. Ensure a dry-out interval between watering.  
  • Rubber Tree. The plant comes with dark and glossy variegated leaves, which brings an aspect of drama to your bedroom space. It prefers sufficient amounts of light, especially the filtered morning sunlight, though it also tolerates low light. You can water the plant once a week.
  • Monstera (Swiss Cheese). The glossy plant proves ideal for a bedroom set up because of its easy nature, though has a reputation of irritating pests. It requires a weekly watering regime and moderate lighting. 
  • Anthurium. Anthurium can prove perfect for your bedroom because it blooms the longest among houseplants. It has neon flowers and requires high humidity and bright light. Water it every once a week but ensure the soil dries before the subsequent watering. 
  • Dracaena. The plant has dramatic foliage that comes with detailed markings and can prove suitable in filling up your large bedroom space. It likes moist soils and moderate light, so locate your potted plant near your window to allow optimum growth. 
  • Philodendron Heartleaf. The vining plant has heart-shaped foliage and can best compliment your bedroom when placed on your nightstand or dresser.  It requires low light and little attention. However, ensure sufficient watering when the soil dries out.
  • Dieffenbachia Camille. The low maintenance plant has intricately marked foliage that makes it a brilliant decorative item in your bedroom. It requires frequent watering and moderate lighting to grow optimally. 
  • Air plant. It comes as a small plant with a lot of personality. Air plants prove epiphytes and can grow inside glass or wooden pieces. The plant requires sufficient soil moisture and bright light to grow optimally.

Air-Purifying Plants2

  • Parlor Palm. The popular plant can prove quite the house diva because of its requirements. You have to give it sufficient light besides regular light moisture. It has air-purifying qualities and brings about the necessary sophistication to your bedroom.
  • Lavender. The flowering plant can prove a brilliant addition to any bedroom because of its green foliage, upright floral spikes, and the shrub-like form it possesses. It also has an aromatic and medicinal essence that will boost the air in your bedroom. It prefers moistened soils and bright light when indoors.
  • Lucky Bamboo. The tolerant bamboo proves a charm with perceptions of bringing you good luck and fortune. Grow it in moist potting soils and locate it where it can get moderate light.
  • ZZ Plant. The plant’s upright nature makes it perfect for your bedroom’s floor space or nightstand.  It tolerates low light and infrequent watering.
  • Aglaonema. The plant requires little attention, with strappy leaves dotting silver or red hints.
  • Lady Palm. The plant’s graceful fans can add elegance to your bedroom provided you give it sufficient light and enough soil moisture.


Consider these fifteen houseplants for transforming your bedroom’s essence into something magical.

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